Titles you shouldn’t miss this week on the streaming platform!

Netflix’s streaming platform introduces new content to its catalog. Learn more in this article!

For this week, we can say that Netflix subscribers will be damaged. The streaming platform has added several series to its catalog that you have definitely been waiting for for a long time!

Not only will you find a continuation of certain programs, but you will also discover new features! Without further ado, check out this week’s list of titles you can see in this article.

Netflix: The Russian Doll – Season 2

The long-awaited sequel to the essential Netflix series The Russian doll can be seen now! Starting April 19, 2022, the seven episodes of the hit sci-fi drama comedy will hit the streaming platform. This new part represents a great intrigue for viewers as its creator Natasha Lyonne did not reveal enough information about it.

However, if we put together everything he has said in the interviews so far, it would seem that Alan and Nadia will travel through time. We can say that the wait for this Netflix series has been long! In fact, the renewal announcement was declared in June 2018. But with the delays due to the pandemic, it was unfortunately postponed!

In this second season of the Netflix series The Russian Doll, we find the heroine Nadia going back to the 80’s and trying to solve new problems related to time. In addition, a mysterious character from Annie Murphy will also appear in the story.

The 30-second trailer left no information. We just saw Nadia aboard a high speed train followed by triple sequences where she falls down a ladder. A new nightmare will come to torment them once they have passed through a time portal next to Alan! This Netflix series promises to be captivating and very interesting!

The novelty that comes to the platform

This week, Netflix is ​​waiting for a lot of news. This is especially the case for Yakamoz S-245. For lovers of science fiction and catastrophic dangers, this series is perfect for you! This will immerse us in an intriguing story, full of unexpected twists.

Yakamoz S-245 is the kind of Netflix series that you won’t soon forget after a first look. There are intense moments that will mark much of the story. The aforementioned actors will portray characters determined to save both their own lives and those around them.

But considering how time is running out, each of them will have to push their limits. We can see that the Turks have experienced a certain evolution in the field of cinema! Spectators are eager to know what is in store for them! The series will be available on the Netflix streaming platform starting April 20, 2022.

The story centers on Arman, a free-spirited diving instructor and marine biologist. The man has to take part in a research mission aboard a submarine. However, when the sun begins to kill everyone from above, he tries to figure out what is going on. What is the real mission of the military submarine? Due to their research, tensions start to appear between the crews! Arman will not only struggle to stay alive, but will also have a second chance with the love of his life. Go to Netflix if this synopsis has piqued your curiosity!

Netflix: Heartstopper

Heartstopper is without a doubt one of the most anticipated Netflix series right now. With just a few days to go before its April 22 release, viewers can’t help but show off their impatience on the networks! For information, this is inspired by Alice Oseman’s famous best-selling novel of the same name.

This new Netflix series follows the daily lives of Charlie and Nick, two young teenagers who share the same passion for rugby. In time, they will get closer, even if it means becoming best friends. However, their relationship will take a very different turn. Charlie’s feelings soon turn into love. The question that arises is do you have a chance. Knowing full well that the man she fell in love with (Nick) is actually 100% straight!

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