The social networks of … Flavie Deprez, co-founder and CEO of Carenews

Flavie Deprez’s social media. Credit: iStock

Flavie Deprez shares the ten accounts of committed personalities or structures of the moment and her vision on Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram that has been evolving in recent years.

I was very addicted. I have less time today. Rehearsal and backstage tricks seem most obvious to me when I’m connected. I know it’s a bias of my job. There are times when I am tired and others when I am passionate. It’s a pretty healthy relationship, alternation, I think. »

I do a lot of healing and learn a lot about the industry and business, especially in marketing, management and development. There are many new accounts that interest me on Linkedin. I didn’t expect it. »

Maud Sarda, co-founder and director of Label Emmaus

I chose Maud for her platforms and strong words. He really has the right tone to ask his community about mass consumption … In his posts, he doesn’t feel guilty.

Anne-Catherine Husson-Traoré, director of Novethic

I enjoy following his publications on finance and economics. Novethic’s experience is very specific on topics where Carenews isn’t necessarily militant or we don’t address, so this allows me to heal very specific topics.

Adrien de Blanzy, President of DNA Groupe

It’s a medium I appreciate. El Torn is very interesting from the point of view of the economic model, positive impact and editorial wealth. Everything I love! I find that there are real media problems right now, especially when it comes to looking for information about the impact; There are many things, but you need accurate information.

Vincent Edin, committed columnist

I like his pen. And the fact of putting your feet on the plate. His selection of books, which he shares in his publications, is fantastic. He questions the system and its positions are very “itchy”. He is the third person I have selected from the world of media, I must like that very much.

“Twitter has become a network of controversy, politics and news, and fewer resources. It’s very different from a few years ago, when we talked more about ourselves and the engagement sector. It is the web of immediacy. I chose to share a triptych “associative world, impact and ESS” with these committed personalities. »

Nils Pedersen, President of La Fonda and General Delegate of the World Pact France

It is an ideal account to follow the news of the SDGs and the world of associations. Nils always puts the church back in the village on these issues. It is a good base to follow this sector.

Jean-Philippe Brown

To keep track of the ESS purely, Jean-Philippe is very good and shares “all” the necessary information.

Joan Moreau

Jean talks about circular economy and impact. It shares several sources, it is appreciable.

“I like inspiring accounts with beautiful photos, it’s soothing. It is also a medium for activism, especially on ecological and equality issues. Instagram often has a more engaging approach than Twitter. »

National Geographic

I really like the National Geographic account. I find their news channel very nice, and beyond that, they have posts on topics that affect me, such as the living conditions and education of children and ecology. This is a very well managed account.

The Great Palace

This story is a bit like Proust’s madeleine tied to my “cultural” DNA. It is very well done. At one point, I thought I was making the best business stories. The work of community management it’s very good.

Baptist Beaulieu

This is a very militant account and it makes me laugh. Baptiste Beaulieu is a physician, poet and novelist. Health and gender equality alert. He does stories funny even on serious topics, like his job as a caregiver, the pandemic, social conditions, on LGBTqi + topics …


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