The canipark, a relaxation area for dogs in Bourges, will be inaugurated on April 30

The municipality, under the impetus of the deputy in charge of the ecological transition, green spaces and animal welfare, Catherine Menguy (EELV), has decided to provide the city with what should be called “a canipark”, located in near the Raymond-Boisdé nautical. center, avenue du 11-novembre-1918. A quiet place bordered by the Yèvre and the Voiselle, until then occupied by fishermen and precisely by individuals who walked their dogs.

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The future canipark will open on April 30 and is currently closed by a gate. Some wooden games were made by the city services. On the program: a swing, a slalom track, a rigid tunnel, a walkway, a picket fence … So many activities for dogs that they will be able to play and play with their peers under the watchful eye of their owners.

A space accessible “to all dogs adapted to others”

“I have received many requests from owners who want to be able to walk their dogs more freely and above all to be able to let them play quietly without the risk of being run over or lost,” says Catherine Menguy. Hence the idea of ​​this closed “canipark” that allows owners to watch their dogs with complete peace of mind. The equipment is accessible to all dogs that have a “socially adapted behavior with respect to other dogs and users.” Because, in this space, dogs will be able to evolve free of all obstacles.

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This, of course, involves adherence to certain rules of etiquette, such as the collection of dog waste and excrement. They will also be remembered at the park entrance. “Every user must be able to control their animal if the current does not pass with one of their congeners,” says Catherine Menguy. The owner will be responsible if his dog attacks and injures another. As in all public spaces, second-class dogs must be tethered and muzzled and first-class dogs must be prohibited. »

“At least one in each district”

Once the opening of the Caniparc has been made official, Catherine Menguy is already thinking of other places to install equipment of the same style. “It’s a first attempt at asking others, if all goes well,” he added. My wish is to be able to install at least one in each district of the city at the end of the term. »

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At the moment, therefore, the municipality is waiting to see if the experiment is conclusive before adapting the access or even the facilities made available to dogs. “I asked the services to take care of the construction of the different games for dogs,” continues Catherine Menguy. And if we initially planned banks so that the owners could sit down, we would eventually withdraw them to avoid untimely occupations. »

The supply and installation of the fence, doors and gates have been borne by the company DIRICKX for a price of 11,000 euros. As for the cost of supplies, it amounts to about 3,000 euros.

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