“No solidarity is possible without a Republican president”

7:00 am, April 20, 2022, modified at 8:16 am, April 20, 2022

Here is the forum of more than 1,000 representatives of associations and structures of the social economy: “We, volunteers, employees, leaders and presidents of associations and social enterprises, committed entrepreneurs, civil society figures and local elected officials, fight every day to move our country towards a more inclusive society and a more responsible economy.

Our structures, like so many others throughout France, prove it: change can be inspired by the economy, social and solidarity and associationism. The great challenges of today and tomorrow can be met with the action of committed citizens, whether in terms of the ecological transition, the inclusive economy, educational success, equal access to employment , the repair of territorial fractures, the fight against discrimination or welfare. of the population.

The France we want is a more united and fraternal France

But for this dynamic to continue, a favorable context is needed. We, who work day after day for the social and geographical justice of our country, today are convinced that the will to compromise and impact that drives a large number of our fellow citizens can only grow under a fully republican and democratic presidency. .

The France we want is a fairer France, which guarantees equal opportunities for each of its children, which allows all French people to have access to care, even in the most isolated territories, and for our elders to grow old in decent conditions.

The France we want is a more united and fraternal France, which guarantees that the most vulnerable among us will fully benefit from the aid to which they are entitled and where every Frenchman can have a job and live with dignity.

It is imperative that Emmanuel Macron be re-elected on April 24

The France we want is a stronger France in Europe, which continues its reindustrialization and creates jobs, guarantees its energy autonomy and builds an ecological response to meet the challenge of global warming.

We are writing this together today, so that there is no ambiguity about our common position: these aspirations cannot see the light of day with Marine Le Pen. In the face of this risk, it is essential that Emmanuel Macron be re-elected on April 24, and that the values ​​of solidarity and fraternity continue to live in our country.

We will take care of it. »

Tribune signed by more than 1,000 representatives of the world of associations and structures of social economy, among which stand out:

  • Jean-Philippe Acensi, President of the Agency for Education through Sport (APPELS)
  • Claude Alphandéry, honorary president of the ESS Lab
  • Matthieu Annereau, President of the APHPP
  • Catherine Barbaroux, former president of ADIE
  • Frédéric Bardeau, President and Co-Founder of Simplon.co
  • Abdelatif Benazzi, former player of the XV of France
  • Benjamin Blavier co – chair and co – founder of Article 1
  • Yves Blein, president of the Léo Lagrange federation
  • Jean-Marc Borello, President of the SOS Group
  • Jérémie Boroy, disability activist
  • Lucie Caubel, co-founder of Handiap.fr
  • Bruno Cayol, president of the Top 20
  • Yazid Chir, president and co-founder of Nos Quartiers ont des Talents
  • Pierre Coppey, president of the Aurore association
  • André Dupon, President of the Vitamin T Group
  • Majid El Jarroudi, General Delegate and Founder of the Agency for Entrepreneurial Diversity
  • Yann Fradin, Vice President of Emmaus France
  • Luc de Gardelle, President of the Federation of Employment Companies
  • Charles Gardou, anthropologist
  • Alexandre Gauthier, starring chef
  • Cyril Gayssot, former president of the UNEA
  • Vincent Godebout, General Delegate of Solidarités Nouvelles in the face of unemployment
  • Angelo Gopee, president of Live Nation France
  • Stéphanie Goujon, General Manager of French Impact
  • Laurent Grandguillaume, President of Zero Long-Term Unemployment Territories
  • Saïd Hammouche, founding president of the Mozaïk Foundation
  • Charles-Benoit Heidsieck, president and founder of Le Rameau
  • Edouard de Hennezel, founding president of the Circle of Vulnerability and Society
  • Martin Hirsch, President of the Institute for Engagement
  • Christophe Itier, former high commissioner of the ESS, president of Mod’Emplois
  • Emery Jacquillat, president of Camif
  • Jonathan Jéremiasz, general interest entrepreneur
  • Henry Lachmann, president of Civic Lab
  • Philippe Lamblin, President of BGE
  • Frédéric Lavenir, President of the ADIE
  • Jean-Louis Leduc, general director of the APAJH federation
  • Patrick Levy-Waitz, President of the Working Differently Foundation
  • Pierre Lobry, President of the French Federation of GEIQ
  • Thierry Marx, founder of Cuisine How-to (s)
  • Laurence Méhaignerie, co-founder of Citizen Capital
  • Marie-Anne Montchamp, former Minister
  • Jean Moreau, co-chair of the Impact France Movement
  • Dafna Mouchenik, a group of home helpers
  • Yannick Noah, founding president of the “Fête le mur” association
  • Amélie Oudéa-Castera, General Delegate of the French Tennis Federation
  • Sarah Ourahmoune, Olympic runner-up and entrepreneur
  • Christophe Paris, President of the Mentoring Collective
  • Jean-Paul Raillard, president of the Envie federation
  • Sébastien Reynaud, President of the National Union of Adapted Enterprises
  • Patrice Roynette, President of IDAF (Association Institute and Foundation Leaders)
  • Jérôme Saddier, President of ESS France
  • Eva Sadoun, co-president of the Impact France Movement
  • Hugues Sibille, former interministerial delegate for social economy
  • Emmanuel Stéphant, president of Chantier Ecole
  • Aïda Touihri, journalist and producer
  • Marie Trellu-Kane, president and co-founder of Unis-Cité
  • Gilles Vermot-Desroches, president of 100 chances, 100 jobs
  • Hugues Vidor, president of the UDES
  • Patrick Viveret, philosopher
  • Boris Walbaum, co – founder of Article 1
  • Serge Widawski, CEO of APF France Handicap

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