Matthew Lillard and Bill Whirity announce a vampire movie after the release of Film Studio

Veteran actor Matthew Lillard passed behind the camera as one of the founders of Midnite Movie Club, an NFT-based project that allows headlines to participate in what is described as the first “Descentralized Movie Studio.” . the Shout out i Scooby Doo The star teamed up with writer and director Bill Whirity to set up the studio, and the two say their goal is for the audience to have more control over the films that are made.

Lillard and Whirity say they want the audience to help decide which films the Midnite Movie Club will produce. They are said to focus especially on genre films such as horror, science fiction, action / adventure and fantasy. They will premiere the studio with the production of let them diea vampire movie that begins production this summer.

According to the press release, each NFT will give a vote to its current owner, so the more NFT has one, the more it will be able to vote. Blockchain technology records every vote, and this group decision-making process will determine which films will have the green light, as well as certain creative decisions made by filmmakers during production. This includes which actors can be targeted first for certain roles, as well as decisions about costumes, props, creature design, and movie poster design.

Community members will also have access to exclusive special features such as audition tape viewing, set photos and videos, concept art and storyboarding, and participate in live AMA and live set-up tours. 5,555 NFT will be offered in the Ethereum blockchain at 0.09 ETH for 1 or 0.08 ETH for 2+ (around $ 250-275). The NFT will be released on April 20.

Midnite Movie Club aims to revolutionize the film industry

Stu Macher (Mathew Lillard) and Scream.
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Matthew Lillard and Bill Whirity believe that the use of NFT by Midnite Movie Club is what needs to be done for the future of cinema. The studio comes with a subscription to a gym that offers exclusive benefits to its members and that getting involved in the filmmaking process offers so much more than people usually expect from NFTs. It remains to be seen how it will take off, but Lillard and Whirity are optimistic. They said in a statement:

“NFT, Blockchain and Web3 are the future of the Internet. In the coming years, this technology will revolutionize many aspects of our daily lives and the film industry is no exception. Most people think that NFT is just works. Art, but it’s the underlying technology that makes Midnite Movie Club possible. The MMC is a private community, like a country club or a gym, and your NFT acts as a membership card. to put it bluntly, and this is how you vote and help filmmakers develop their films.We think NFTs are a fun way to give members access to the benefits of our community through a There is a major crossover for collectors and movie lovers, so offering NFT as part of our project is a natural choice.

The first movie of the Midnite Movie Club, let them die, will go into production this summer. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. For more information, go to

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