Major refurbishment work is being carried out on the Maryse-Bastié nursery in Bourges

As part of the School Plan launched by the municipality, several works will be launched or are about to be completed to improve the education and living conditions of Bourges schoolchildren.

This is the case, for example, of the project currently being developed at the Maryse-Bastié nursery, located in the Airport district. Taking advantage of the school holiday period, workers from various companies are busy advancing a work that seems titanic to the fullest as the large building that houses the nursery school requires major works.


With a total value of 1.245 billion euros, these multiple works are carried out around several objectives: external thermal sealing; roof covering; wooden outdoor furniture; ventilation; electricity; false ceilings; floor covering; tiles; painting and removal of asbestos from floor coverings.

Driven by a high level of investment credit (20 million euros for the current term), this School Plan, which includes the Maryse-Bastié nursery, has several objectives, as explained by Céline Madrolles, Deputy Delegate for Education, School Plan and Secularism. : “Satisfaction of all school and extracurricular needs; to welcome the educational community and children in good conditions; to improve the energy performance of the different buildings and, finally, to think of schools as neighborhood centers, educational centers open to the city. »

We must now identify all the technical limitations that will inevitably arise and think of simple principles that can be replicated from one place to another.

This School Plan was built in the first place based on an observation of the need to take care of the different buildings, but also around the consultation desired by the municipality. “In relation to all the objectives, we have set up a logic of consultation with all the actors affected by the school issue: school principals, teachers, parents’ associations, students and institutional or associative partners” , explains Céline. Madrolles. In the same spirit, the municipality had the support of a project management assistant represented by the firm EDEIS, in order to “offer a complete and cross-sectional view of all aspects of the project.”

The desire of Céline Madrolles is to get a complete work in an establishment to break with “the logic of doing works only at the pace of school holidays.” This involves successfully closing an establishment during the construction period, even if it involves moving students and teaching staff to another center during the construction period. “The solutions will be declined according to the specifics of the places that have been identified as priorities by the School Plan,” continues Céline Madrolles. We must now identify all the technical limitations that will inevitably arise and think of simple principles that can be replicated from one place to another. »

Future work

In addition to Maryse-Bastié, other schools will be the subject of work.

Elementary Turly: 580,000 euros (including nursery) for false ceilings and electricity, exterior insulation and floor remover for nursery.

Elementary speakers A and B: 197,000 euros with the completion of the removal of asbestos from the soil.

Kindergarten Preview: 200,000 euros for the repair of the roof and part of the frames.

Paul Arnault / Gibjoncs Primary: 350,000 euros for the repair of the roof.

Frank Simon

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