Halo: 21 years later, the series of events finally arrives

Publication by Alexis Lebrun April 19, 2022

It is one of the most anticipated series of the year. After experiencing a development that can be described as chaotic, you will soon be able to see on CANAL + the television adaptation of one of the most famous franchises in the history of video games. And the second good news is that this Halo series is not just for Master Chief fans.

A separate plot from the games

Games Hello may have sold tens of millions of copies and contributed billions to Microsoft since the release of the first Xbox license in 2001, not everyone is unbeatable in this especially rich sci-fi universe. If this is your case, know that you will not have it a priori no hassle to follow the script of the series, as it is only inspired by the games. If this version of Hello occupies a number of characters already known to fans, evolving into an independent plot, described as “Silver Timeline”. Simply put, it’s exactly the same situation as between Marvel comics and MCU movies. But then, what is the story of this series Hello ?

Fans can also rest easy, the hero is still called Master Chief, and he is still a Spartan, a supersoldier improved at all levels by genetics and technology (it’s the year 2552, that helps). This efficient and silent killing machine is essential in the human-led (United Nations Space Command, UNSC) fight against the fearsome aliens of the Covenant Alliance, determined to eliminate them from the galaxy. Bad luck, during a rescue operation on a rebellious planet (Madrigal), the Master Chief comes in contact with a suspicious object discovered by the aliens, and which awakens in him completely buried memories every time he touches it. Accompanied by Kwan, the sole survivor of Madrigal’s attack, the famous silent, helmeted hero embarks on a very personal quest that he was not supposed to undertake.

A winning cast

This is the purpose of his relationship with Dr. Halsey, the brilliant scientist responsible for the creation of the Spartan Project, but whose ethics deserve to be questioned … This central character is played by an actress who is too weird on our screens, the British Natascha McElhone, unforgettable great love of Californication hero (CHANNEL +)also appeared in Designated survivor (Netflix). And it is not the only winning option in the cast, because for the delicate role of Master Chief, the series opted for the colossus Pablo Schreiber, very strong after gaining 15 kilos of muscle for the role. The Canadian actor revealed Nick Sobotka’s skin on television (The wire the OCS)and also known for playing Pornstache on Orange is the new black (Netflix).

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. with Pedro Pascal a The Mandalorian (Disney +)the mastermind of the series Hello don’t be afraid to take off your helmet. We are also delighted to find Charlie Murphy (Jessie Eden at Peaky Blinders on Netflix), who plays another very intriguing character, Makee, a human kidnapped by the Covenant Alliance and raised in a way that is at least singular. Finally, in addition to the Indian film icon Shabana Azmi and Bokeem Woodbine (the great Mike Milligan from season 2 of Fargo on Netflix), which here plays the pro-independence Spartan Soren-066, the cast of Hello He also gives an excellent nod to fans by hiring the services of voice actress Jen Taylor, who is resuming her cult role in artificial intelligence Cortana, for whom she made the motion capture. And of course the three traditional Master Chief teammates are also present in the Silver team.

Great budget, great show

Adapt live a science fiction universe as rich as that of Hello it presents its share of challenges, and above all it is expensive, very expensive. Fortunately, the series benefited from an extremely comfortable budget, as we are talking about an impressive amount of between 90 and 200 million dollars for the production of the nine episodes of this first season. This is obviously seen on screen, and this from the first episode, which opens with a pretty spectacular battle scene and very rich in digital special effects. Of course, there are also many references to the games (the series is produced in collaboration with the franchise development studio, 343 Industries), such as a few subjective images, and special care has been taken with the sets. and the wardrobe.

It must be said that this series had time to do so, as it was already in the works about ten years ago, after the abandonment in 2006 of the film project to be produced by Peter Jackson. It passed into the hands of such prestigious hands as Steven Spielberg – who continued to be the producer – and the script was obviously entitled to 265 versions if we are to believe the showrunner and screenwriter Steven Kane. And let’s not talk about the shooting, which took place between 2019 and 2021 due to the health crisis … All these adventures, of course, helped to create considerable anticipation, and the broadcast of the first chapter broke records in the American platform Paramount +, which in any case had not waited for the release of the series to offer a second season.

Hellofrom April 28 on CANAL +.

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