François Loup, the website artist

He continued his studies at the Supméca in Paris, completed two years of military service in Morocco in the framework of cooperation, teaching … mathematics before being hired as an engineer in a design office …

He continued his studies at Supméca Paris, did two years of military service in Morocco as part of the cooperation teaching … mathematics before being hired as an engineer in an office of mechanical engineering studies in the region of Paris. Computer science is still in prehistoric times: “Paper meters, without printer or screen …”

For ten years, François Loup carried out wind resistance calculations for the nuclear power plants and for the dome that houses the telescope of the Pic du Midi observatory in the Hautes-Pyrénées, a participation of which his four are especially proud. grandchildren between 14 and 20 years old.


In 1977 he took over a family car dealership without giving up computer science. One of his first gestures will be to impose it on the company. The advent of the Internet is exciting: “I’m wrapped up in it,” she says. This courtyard is not the only one frequented. In the Paris region where he lives, he plays volleyball and tennis, presides over his sports club and turns his wife France, a Latin teacher, and his two children into yellow ball.

In 2003, the couple chose to retire to Béarn. A return to the foundations for France, a native of the Garlin region, and to the genealogy of François Loup, one of whose grandmothers was born in Barzun.

“A stroke of madness”

For both, retirement can only be active. Driven by the philosophy of “providing service”, François Loup becomes a volunteer of the “Project Factory”, offers training in the management of associations and creates professional tools to facilitate the accounting life of associations.

His wife France discovers the Minoteria and shares her discovery with her husband. The couple became involved to the point of joining the Nayart association in 2014 and joining the board. François Loup’s puzzling ease in manipulating data processing does not escape Chahab, who asks him to take his place. He will then take accounting software from Nayart out of his digital toolbox.

Moment of madness

François Loup is also a good editor: amateur cinema, super 8 and video, he has mastered everything and is a member of the Videoclub Pyrène de Lescar. He shares his knowledge with the Nayart Association, making videos of them, before creating the shopnayart site, which saved the December 2020 artist gift exhibition by giving artists the opportunity to sell online, despite the confinement.

François Loup acknowledges a “madness”, without stopping at this colossal and rigorous work, in order to establish sales in the rules of art and, above all, of administration and legality. He created this site in December 2020, based on an idea by Florine Lannes, the cultural mediator of the Minoterie de Nay. With her, “we form a good tandem! he laughs.

“A young geek”

His latest creation:, a new simple and clear site dedicated specifically to the Nayart art library. Your goal? Facilitate the online rental of about 300 paintings, photographs, sculptures, drawings … Here again, a work by Titan that was based on the collection of photographs by Jean-Jacques Stockli, and which François Loup refuses to claim the laurels. “They’re lucky to have a young geek,” jokes the almost octogenarian jovial, with mischievous eyes behind his glasses.

He prefers to insist on the loan facilities offered by this new website, because “the loan is complicated: you have to come here, throw up the signs, fill out a file, possibly join Nayart, you don’t necessarily have to have all the documents. , you have to go back … “

The writing advises you

“Let’s change!”

For him and his wife, renting works has become a habit. Her preferences are for Chahab, Enrique Mestre, Jean Durello, Sophie Lassègue, Isabelle Crampe, Giovanni Morello, the papers of Monica Ugarte …

François Loup learned to dream through “contact with the Minoterie and Chahab, the founder of this lair of contemporary art. By frequenting exhibitions, he was persuaded by his wife France, who was sensitive to painting and contemporary art.

He overthrew figurative art, impressionism, nabis, to venture into other artistic territories. “Let’s change!” He exclaims, with a faithful smile on his face. “You don’t have to tell him to practice an art, but to take courses. with Chahab, the opportunity to make a Möbius strip … The mathematical spirit always keeps him up to date.He remains an ardent admirer of the Dutch designer and engraver Maurits Cornelis (MC) Escher and his stranger … and fascinating world.

PRACTICE and [email protected] and rentals on site, at the Pau relief point (Gravoplast, 9 rue Lespy, 06 29 01 33 21 – 05 59 27 72 60 [email protected]), and online.

Upcoming exhibition of the art library from 9 to 26 June at the Minoterie de Nay.

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