Does your cat wake you up at night? That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there

There are at least three reasons why a pet cat can wake us up in the middle of the night, and in most cases there are simple and effective solutions to the problem.

It has probably happened to anyone who has one or more cats in the house that wakes up with their meow or a midnight joke. Sometimes, however, these behaviors tend to be repeated more or less frequently, and in some cases they can become a real source of stress. To solve the problem and prevent it from happening again in the future, however, we need to understand what causes domestic cats to disturb our sleep so that certain circumstances do not happen again. As Susan Hazel, a senior professor at the University of Adelaide School of Animal and Veterinary Science and PhD student Julia Henning, explains, there are at least three reasons why cats wake us up at night, and most of the cases, they are simple. and effective solutions to regain control of the situation.

1. The cat is hungry

The most common reason our cat wakes us up is hunger. And unfortunately, one of the first things we do is feed it. This action is perceived as a reward and makes our cat more likely to repeat the same behavior. ” To start solving this problem – experts say – Make sure your cat has enough to eat throughout the day. You can also give him a satisfying meal or snack just before bedtime.“.

If you feed him in the morning, you should make sure that your cat does not associate waking time with breakfast. Leave it for a while between getting out of bed and feeding it, at least half an hour. You can also try to associate something else with food, such as “it’s breakfast time”.“.

2. The cat has no routine

Cats like predictability and for this reason it is important to maintain a regular routine, including when it comes to meals, playtime and hairdressing. In this sense, it can help to empty the tray at regular and predictable intervals (a dirty tray can be one of the reasons why your cat wakes you up at night) and try not to move it. The same applies to bowls or scrapers, which should only be changed if necessary. ” If something changes in your environment, because you’re on vacation, moving furniture or having a new guest in the house or a pet your cat may start waking you up in the morning. Mkeep your routine as constant as possible and your cat will eventually get used to the new normal“.

3. Not consuming enough energy during the day

Cats, it is well known, love to sleep, but they also love to play and move, just like humans. That’s why it’s important for our cat to have a variety of toys and objects to interact with, especially if we’re not often at home. ” Scratch sticks give cats a place to climb and stretch, while balls, stuffed animals and motorized toys give them a chance to play and exercise. – highlight Hazel and Henning -. At home, hook your cat with an interactive toy (like a magic wand) or play house chase. You can also try to create a game that your cat will like.“.

And because cats get bored easily, that’s important too. “keep a variety of game hours “I” do not play with your cat the hour before bedtime. Ideally, a play session before leaving and returning home should help keep your cat calm at night.“.

What if it doesn’t work?

In case all these measures have not solved the problem and the cat continues to wake us up during the night, it could be a matter of time. ” This behavior can also get worse in the short term as your cat adapts. The two experts point out. The key is to ignore it at night or in the morning. So don’t get up and if you can, don’t interact with him when you wake up“. Alternatively, you may need to consult a veterinarian, as this could be a health reason for causing your behavior.

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