Disney + presents Parallels, a great series to watch

The Disney + platform is based on new French creations. A teenage science fiction novel presented at the Series Mania Festival.

A slightly weird story, a little dark, a good dose of Steven Spielberg. With Parallels, an American fantasy influence lands on your screens. Signed Quoc Dang Tran, a very compelling French series. In a mountain village, the lives of Bilal, Romane, Samuel and Victor are turned upside down by parallel dimensions. Faced with supernatural events, four teenagers try to resume a normal life.

Parallels lands at Disney

Following Eric Judor’s weekend family series, the new French production Parallèles arrives at Disney + this Wednesday, March 23rd. Quoc Dang Tran is the production manager for this series. Directed by Jean-Baptiste Saurel and Benjamin Rocher.

They are dedicated to their fantasy and bring to life some of the first Disney creations. This sci-fi program is online with Dark or Stranger Things. Composed of six 40-minute episodes, the Para //els series promises a journey through hellish time.

Like other science fiction series, Para // focuses on the character. The four main characters are a gang of teenagers united by a strong fusion. Their lives will be turned upside down by a mysterious event that will take them to another dimension.

The characters of Parallels

You will find after the casting of characters such as Thomas Chomel, Timoté Rigault, Maxime Bergeron and Victoria Eber. They end up completely deformed and in old age. This different version is played by other actors, in particular Omar Mebrouk, Jules Houplain and Jade Pedri.

The series mainly aims to highlight the young talents that reflect contemporary French society. Although they share many things in common, they highlight the diversity of characters from different backgrounds. Each role is characterized by a very specific and very complex personality.

The mystery of the series

The plot of the series will take Disney + subscribers on a journey to another dimension. Teenagers in an atypical place will have an amazing experience one afternoon. From there, everything is upside down and the characters are separated. Then you will discover its evolution and its change of perspective.

There are other characters around you that will allow you to keep a common thread. You will find Naidra Ayadi, Guillaume Labbé, Gil Alma, Elise Diamant and Dimitri Storog. Very intimate between drama and romantic comedy, this series highlights the relationship between parents and children. It is necessary to endure and observe all the transformations that exist in the other dimensions.

VFX point

The Para // ellos series was a real challenge in terms of staging. It is subtle that the images are exposed and mixed with the plot. We are obviously far from the special effects of the great American blockbuster. The series takes place in France, near the French-Swiss border.

Thus, the fantastic atmosphere is enhanced by the majestic natural environment. The characters evolve in a village located in the heart of a valley surrounded by mountains. Sometimes special effects signal transitions between parallel worlds. Everything is presented in a fun way to make it easier for the public to read.

A series for the whole family

The creator of the series, Quoc Dang Tran, was inspired by many cinematic references to imagine this whole universe. They remember certain movies like The Goonies or Stand by me. We also have his fascination with the series and films of the 80’s, be they the successes of Spielberg, George Lucas or Robert Zemeckis. So a benchmark that will speak to the whole generation. The tone of the series is still largely “feel good,” and this fantastic universe will appeal to all ages.

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