Discovering Minet Tea, the first cat bar open in Essonne

Minet Tea is the first cat bar in Essonne. Open in Yerres since last month, you can come to eat, have a tea and enjoy the presence of cats. (© Essonne News / TF)

Have a sweet time mixing purrs and caresses while sipping a good tea, that’s what it offers Twink Teathe first cat bar to open its doors Essone. Located in downtown Erres, Marine received its first customers on March 25, 2022.

Cats that have already left their mark

“I immediately had a lot of people, families but also old people who came to have a warm time,” says the young woman who made the decoration herself to create “an atmosphere between the Parisian brasserie and The British Tea Room.”

Inside, 4-year-old Ulysses and 12-year-old Isis walk around the tea room as they please, sometimes taking advantage of the special shelves and height-adjusting inn, sometimes the human presence to receive caresses.

The third feline of the gang, Hermès prefers to stay upstairs where the cats have a room dedicated exclusively to them.

Snacks and purr therapy

“I orally warn customers to arrive from the letter that they keep out of respect for cats,” Marine explains. Therefore, it is forbidden to carry them or disturb them if they are sleeping.

“Toys are available for visitors to have fun with cats if they want to,” says the manager, who highlights the science-proven benefits of purring therapy and animal mediation.

A la carte, visitors can choose from a variety of local teas and infusions, homemade sweets, frozen mochi (Japanese desserts), savory bagels or even gourmet drinks with the name of the salon’s residents.

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Cats proposed for some in adoption

“It’s also possible to buy tea to take home,” says Marine, who is about to welcome two new two-year-old cats and a nine-month-old kitten.

Cats to be offered for adoption in conjunction with the local association Ecole du Chat Libre.

“It’s something that takes me to heart,” says the young woman, who has long been a host family for the association, especially when she was a teacher.

A professional recycling

“After my sister’s death from the aftermath of Covid-19, I felt the urge to completely change my profession to start my own business,” said 28-year-old Essonnienne. means to concretize your project. .

“We had to do different training courses, look for funding, but also find premises. For me Yerres is the right place, being myself from the Val d’Yerres.

It was difficult to achieve in the midst of a pandemic, but I do not regret it.

Work rooms are rented on site

“I’m looking for apprentices who come with me every day and who can also open the tea room at lunchtime and offer more a la carte items.”

To diversify her business, the young businesswoman is also a highlight of Kru, a brand that offers cat food.

It also offers room rental (three, different sizes) for therapists who practice alternative medicine or people who need an office to work.

“It simply came to our notice then. Therapists can welcome their clients in a pleasant and comfortable environment “, he concludes.

2 Rue de la Grange, 91330 Yerres / Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm. For more information, visit the Minet Tea website

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