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You need to clean your dog’s carpet regularly, as well as the various upholstery that your dog is used to stretching. In fact, stains related to secretions and bad smells get encrusted quickly.

There are many disinfectants to clean your dog’s carpet. Most of the time, they are packaged in a bottle with a spray spray. Lightweight and ergonomic, these bottles are pleasant to handle. Carpet disinfectants for dogs not only eradicate stains caused by vomiting, urine or feces, but also eliminate odors. These products then leave a discreet fragrance floating in the atmosphere. They even remove pheromones, to deter dogs from re-soiling the already soiled surface. To properly use your dog’s carpet disinfectant, spray it on the stains and let it sit for a few minutes. Thus, the stain remover can act well in depth, to unclog the smallest molecule of dirt. Since it is not easy to choose the best product, we have written this comparison to present you with a range of the most effective disinfectants!


  1. The most powerful
  2. The most detached
  3. Good value for money
  4. The most radical
  5. The most fragrant

Carpet disinfectant for dogs OUT !, effective on all surfaces

This disinfectant that is vaporized by a spray system is effective in removing stains and odors. It does not contain any toxic chemicals. You can say goodbye to the remnants of mud, urine, vomit or dry drool that contaminate your dog’s carpet. In addition, you can use this product to make an effective pre-wash, before putting the textiles in the washing machine. This dog disinfectant can be used on all types of surfaces (wood, concrete, brick, marble, etc.) and leaves no trace.

The Simple Solution deodorant product, a targeted spray

Easy to handle with its ergonomic handle, this bottle contains 950 ml of cleaning product for carpets, bedding and upholstery (sofa, armchairs, etc.). Therefore, it allows you to effectively wash away all the stains caused by the passage of your dog (drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.). Safe for both animals and humans and completely odorless, this product does not cause any color change in textiles. After spraying, wait 10 minutes for it to set in, then wipe off the excess with a microfiber cloth. Then let it dry for 24-48 hours.

Carpet shampoo with low foam of simple solution

This floor shampoo does not contain allergens and does not emit unpleasant odors. Just add it to the tank of your floor cleaning machine. This cleaning product is rich in enzymes and pro-bacteria, which neutralize odors at the source, while removing stains. They also make the dogs want to mark the ground again in this place. After applying the product to the floor, wait about ten minutes to allow it to set on the carpet.

EOS carpet disinfectant easy to apply

This product is very effective in removing all odors that emanate from your pets. You can use it to clean the sofa, such as clothes, carpets or floors. It contains enzymes and microorganisms that attack the same source of bad smell, while making dogs want to urinate again. The bottle contains 1 liter of product and is equipped with a spray system, which vaporizes accurately. In addition, the bottles are made of recycled plastic.

Envii Pet Fresh dog highlighter, for textiles and hardwood floors

Packed in a 750 ml bottle, made of recycled plastic, this stain remover cleans the stains produced by animals (footprints, urine, vomit, carpeting diarrhea, etc.) and removes all odors. Completely safe for both dogs and humans, this disinfectant uses enzymes and bacteria to deal with the toughest stains. It is as effective on carpets as it is on tiles or parquet. It contains only all-natural ingredients.

How to clean a dog mat?

It is important to clean your dog’s carpet regularly as this is where he spends most of his time. She likes to rub it, sleep in it and rest. Therefore, the animal deposits dirt on the carpet, mud on its legs, drooling when it licks it, or even urine and excrement. This leads to the proliferation of many bacteria, which must be removed with the right product.

To properly clean your dog’s carpet, start by removing all the hair with a brush. If there are large stains, start by rubbing them with a special product that is not toxic to the animal. You can then put the carpet cover in the washing machine, using a hypoallergenic detergent.

During this time, clean the carpet foam by consulting the information provided by the manufacturer.

How often should a dog rug be cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning your dog’s carpet depends on several criteria: the season (for example, if it is very hot, the dog tends to sweat more), the frequency of walks, and the condition of the animal. (full of mud or completely). net). If you have a hot dog, you should also wash the carpet more often to remove the smell of secretions.

It is advisable to wash your pet’s pillow or mat once a week, if it does not include a blanket. If there are covers that protect the cover, you can clean it once or twice a month.

In any case, if you feel that the carpet is spreading an unpleasant odor, quickly put it in the washing machine. There are also special products that reduce all odors.

How to properly remove hair from a dog rug?

There are several ways to easily remove all the hair that invades your dog’s carpet. You can use a vacuum cleaner to effectively clean the entire surface of the carpet. Do this at least twice a week so you don’t overwhelm your hair!

If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, put on a rubber glove and make circular motions on the carpet cover, in order to collect all the hairs in one place. You can pick them up at once, before putting the cover in the washing machine.

Another trick that works is the tape solution. Rather suitable for small surfaces (carpets for small dogs), it effectively removes embedded hair from the sheath. Simply glue the tape to the carpet before removing it, removing the tangled hair at the same time.

There are also adhesive rolls, which are easier to handle than tape on larger surfaces. Be aware, however, that reloading of these rolls ends very quickly.

Are disinfectants dangerous for the dog?

Dog-friendly disinfectants are in no way dangerous to your loyal companions. However, they should not be sprayed directly on the animal, for fear of causing allergies or irritating the mucous membranes. On the other hand, you can completely clean your dog’s carpet or pillow with a disinfectant, without disturbing the animal.

These products do not give off bad odors that could upset your dog.

On the other hand, disinfectants that are not specially formulated for dogs can be very dangerous to animals. This is the case with bleach, laundry detergents, floor cleaners or even toilet cleaners. When cleaning products contain chlorine, ammonia, or even sodium hydroxide, the animal should not eat it for fear of being poisoned.

From what age can a dog come into contact with a disinfectant?

Baby dogs should not come into direct contact with a disinfectant, even if it is a dog-friendly product. Your skin is still very fragile and this could cause irritation or allergies. Also, the smell of this product could confuse them, because they are used to the smell of their mother. Smell is especially important for puppies, as they are blind.

Of course, the box that houses the puppies and their mother still needs to be cleaned in order to eliminate all the bacteria and parasites that could contaminate the little ones. To do this, use natural, non-aggressive, odor-free products.

When weaned, around two months of age, puppies are more resistant and the carpet can be cleaned with a disinfectant.

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