“The Great Resignation Promised by Marine Le Pen,” by Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

Marine Le Pen is therefore at the gates of power. With 23.15% of the vote in the first round, the National Rally candidate surpasses her 2017 score and now faces an outgoing president who is weak and has significant voting reserves. After a first-round campaign overshadowed by the present and too often superficially chronic, it is more necessary than ever to analyze the political project of the far-right candidate and what it would mean for the country in the event of an election.

Immigration, Putin, court cases … What Marine Le Pen wants to erase

Last week, Marine Le Pen returned at length during a press conference on her foreign policy proposals, as in a futile attempt to reassure the French about their intentions.

The sequel after the announcement

Much has been written about their complacency with authoritarian regimes, about the risks of dismantling our alliances because of their positions on NATO, about the unprecedented crisis the European Union would face if France decreed. the “supremacy” of its laws on European law or change its back to the engine of European construction that is the Franco-German couple, as proposed. His presentation from Germany as the absolute negative of French strategic identity it even marks a radical turning point in our European policy and paves the way for serious crises with our neighbor. So many consequences of their access to power that they would not fail to delight our competitors, even our opponents, on the international stage. Vladimir Putin is already rubbing his hands.

But there are other Lepenist conceptions of international relations that have received less attention, although their consequences would be no less serious for our country.

Rejection of the position occupied by the so-called major global, feminist or environmental issues defined by this or that UN agency or, for example, by the IPCC in our international action, which she considers ” suffocating for the French diplomatic tool Marine Le Pen therefore announces nothing more and nothing less than France’s de facto disengagement from any multilaterally implemented international action, and the weakening of the UN and its programs. Among them, brought together in the 17 global goals for sustainable development, we find nothing more and nothing less than the fight against extreme poverty and world hunger, against climate change, for the promotion of equality between women and men. What credibility for a great nation that would like to turn its back on its just contribution to the fight against global inequality and to these struggles of humanity for its survival?

Year Zero Vaccine Feminism and Selfishness

We must recognize the coherence of Marine Le Pen in her anti-feminist struggles. It voted against the European Parliament’s resolution of 9 June 2015 on equality between women and men, and strongly opposed in 2016 the EU action plan on gender equality and gender empowerment. women in development cooperation. It is therefore very logical that last February she was the only candidate, led by Eric Zemmour, to refuse to make the fight against gender inequalities a goal of her international policy during the International France Forum. organized by the Open Diplomacy Institute. Her election would be a major setback for women’s rights in France, Europe and the world.

The sequel after the announcement

Marine Le Pen and Abortion: A Brief History of Feminism for Opportunism

Remembering during his press conference that the fight against global warming would no longer be part of his ” diplomatic priorities », And turning its back on proactive action to reduce CO2 emissions in France2it also acts as an outlet de facto of France to the Paris Agreements of 2015, at the precise moment when the achievement of its objectives requires renewed leadership. France’s voice in the world on this great issue of the fight against global warming, which also depends on the credibility of its energy policy, would be permanently weakened.

Marine Le Pen says her only compass on international politics is ” the protection and promotion of the interests of France, whatever they may be in the world “It’s simple and basic, so it looks appealing. But it’s actually a little short and misleading.

He opposes the lifting of vaccine patents

The candidate, who liked to flirt with antivax to challenge the government’s health measures, is, for example, the best ally of Big Pharma’s interests on the international stage. He opposes the lifting of patents on vaccines against Covid-19 and therefore pretends to be an advocate for the benefits of large pharmaceutical companies, which he says he fears lack of future collaboration if they are deprived of some benefits by such a decision. However, the lifting of intellectual property patents would not prevent pharmaceutical companies from remaining profitable: they could still freely set the selling price of their treatments and vaccines, even if it would be desirable to sell them at a price. cost during the pandemic. On the other hand, it would allow developing countries to produce their own vaccines and thus increase world production. Rapid vaccine distribution is the only way to protect ourselves against the virus and its variants in a lasting way. The pandemic has shown that when it comes to health, indifference and withdrawal put you in danger, while solidarity and cooperation protect you: the vaccine selfishness of the RN puts us in danger.

Should the vaccine be a global public good?

By declaring that they want to settle a more effective and less costly cooperation and development policy Marine Le Pen only accepts the old criticisms of international solidarity presented as a waste of taxpayers’ money. But as we can still prefer, to use the famous expression, ” the Corrèze in the Zambezi even though in all areas, are the interdependencies in the world so strong now? Development aid also serves the interests of donor countries, including France and France, and the goal of allocating 0.7% of GNI, fortunately stated and planned by Emmanuel Macron – to be recognized virtuous actions when they are indisputable – should for this, among others. How can we ignore the fact that an epidemic on the banks of the Zambezi River cannot have health consequences in Corrèze, or that temperatures are rising in Brive-la-Gaillarde as in Maputo due to the same global warming?

The sequel after the announcement

In reality, the RN candidate considers the French policy of international cooperation only as a blackmail lever aimed at poor countries. It considers development aid policy only through its instrumentalization, in the service of what it defines as the commercial, diplomatic or migratory interests of France.

He says he wants to deprive countries of official development assistance. ” refuse to apply readmission agreements to their unwanted nationals “This condition of ODA is contrary to French law (Law of 4 August 2021) and European law (Article 2018 TFEU) which recalls that its objectives are the fight against extreme poverty in the world. But above all, this conditioning has always been ineffective in curbing migration, as demonstrated by the UNDP in November 2019. Only the poorest populations today have the means to leave their country, the fight against extreme poverty cannot have as a primary goal to reduce migration.

It also intends to submit our cooperation policy to the “France ‘s political and trade priorities “i” limit ODA to friendly countries in France “, Thus revealing his will to recreate, through checkbook diplomacy, a space of influence by buying loyalty and the submission of regimes that need liquidity. It is nothing more and nothing less than the return of Françafrique, in a version that does not even try to hide his neocolonial cynicism.

Lepenism, a variant of trumpism

The truth is that Marine Le Pen does not think about the role of France in the world, in its action to prevent global crises, in its contribution to the goals defined in the framework of the international community, in its influence on major economic advances. , social, health or migration. , let alone its moral influence or its scientific and economic appeal, which are the real levers of its influence.

The sequel after the announcement

At the international level, Lepenism is really just a variant of Trumpism: complacency with the imperialist demands of authoritarian regimes, the refusal to promote through dialogue the democratic values ​​of equality, freedom, tolerance and respect for the state. of law. , the application of a law of the strongest in the relationship of France with the countries of the South, a relationship of accountant without money with multilateral institutions, and the unique promotion of the interests of short-term shopkeepers of France in their relationship with the world. Lepenism is also the end of respect for human rights around the world, beginning with the right of every human being to seek asylum in France, a right enshrined in our Constitution.

“Marine Le Pen could provoke institutional blow”

France is a country in its own right, turning its back on its values ​​that nevertheless arouse admiration abroad, and rejecting scientific and student migrations considered suspicious of accepting potential illegal immigrants at the time. the global competition for knowledge. A challenging country in Europe, hostile to its Mediterranean neighborhood, neo-imperialist with respect to French-speaking countries and ultimately isolated, therefore powerless.

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The international policy of the far right is, therefore, nothing more than a great renunciation of promoting on the international stage the values ​​of justice, equality and solidarity, of working and ensuring respect for human rights. , to make the unique voice of our country heard, to make it shine on the international scene, and to give it the means to really weigh the great geopolitical issues of the time.

It is not too late to block this danger for France and the world.

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