New Kia Niro (2022): price, engines and specifications

The most popular Kia model finally lifts the veil of all its secrets. Discover all the specifics of Niro’s second work, as well as its prices.

Nou Kia Niro (2022) – Revealed broadly last november, the second generation of compact SUVs finally reveals all its secrets. If you renew one of the most complete offers on the market in terms of electrification (classic hybrid, rechargeable and 100% electric)finally he cares about style inside and out.

Turning its back on the broken silhouette of its predecessor, the profile of the new Kia Niro eliminates a third side window in favor of aa thick amount materialized graphically (optional) by a specific color, while “boomerang” type lamps elegantly contribute to this design bias. The SUV spirit is more present in this new model which, however, saves its dimensions while staying well below the 1.60 m high (1.54 m to 1.57 m) bar depending on the versionunlike most of its competitors (Nissan Qashqai, Peugeot 3008, etc.), it was positioned higher.

Optimized architecture

This second version, however, is careful to lengthen copiously (+ 6 cm) to reach 4.42 m and thus join the odds of the rivals mentioned above. A gain that allows you to increase the volume of the trunk in all versions:

  • Classic hybrid Niro: 451 l (+15 l)
  • Niro plug-in hybrid: 343l (+ 24l)
  • Electric Niro: 475 l (+24 l)

Smart box

What’s more, the electric Niro, christened Niro EV, is based on an additional 20 l trunk in front. A first in a multi-energy platform vehicle that highlights the architectural optimization demonstrated by the new Korean SUV. Logically, habitability is advancing on almost every table (rear legroom, ceiling height) but the seat length of the rear seat looks surprisingly short. The Niro compensates it in modularity offering, in the same places, a reclining backrest. As for the practical tips, we praise the innovative design of the front seat backs adorned with hangers on top and a fast charging USB socket on the side.

State-of-the-art cabin

Front passengers do not stay out and enjoy one completely redesigned dashboard. Much more refined than in the past, it presents two digital screens in a row overlooking the direct access keys to the air conditioning controls. Systematically devoid of a shift lever in favor of a rotary selector, the center console shines for its clarity and is full of storage. In addition to incorporating a wireless charging zone for smartphones, it is a good idea to offer two types of USB socket (classic and USB-C). Finally, the quality of the materials is adjusted to the average of the segment, as a whole, although too often using hard plastics.

Triple electrification

At the entry level, classic hybridization (Niro HEV) combines a 105 hp 1.6-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine with 32 kW (43 hp) electric motor accumulate approximately 141 CV, while the gearshift is based on a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission. The reverse gear is secured by the electric block, the pinion that was formerly assigned to the transmission is removed for a gain of 2.3 kg. On the battery side, its capacity 1.32 kWh allows a few miles of 100% electric range.

The rechargeable variant takes the same thermal block and adds to 62 kW (84 hp) electric motor. accumulate 183 hpas well as a 11.1 kWh “battery” able to meet up to 65 km to this Niro PHEV, in 100% electric mode … as long as you opt for 16 ″ wheels. With an ascent of 18 ”, the range drops to 59 km.

Finally, the Niro 100% electric (Niro EV) sees its power level increase 150 kW (about 204 hp) when the battery offers a capacity of 64.8 kWh and promises to travel up to 463 km. To recharge it from 10 to 80%, 43 minutes will have to wait.

Preu Kia Niro

In terms of prices, the Kia Niro HEV (classic hybrid) is available from € 31,790 When The PHEV (rechargeable) variant starts at € 37,990. In full electric (Niro EV), will cost at least € 41,990.

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