Julien Kurtzemann and his platoon of 15,600 runners in Brittany

Julien still likes to run but there is one essential condition for him: to be able to do it on the coast. © Julien Kurtzemann

It is the reference for some runners en Brittany. The Runner Breizh website has over 15,000 subscribers and mostly thousands results. Routes, road racing, every test appears there. And every athlete finds their list of awards. A mine of information behind which we find a man: Julien Kurtzemann, postman by profession and Meuconnais of adoption, he, the Vosges of origin.

Web statistics

Needless to say, this father of two girls has always been following him since he can remember performance. He who has been immersed in the race since his early childhood. “My father and uncle used to run. We followed them everywhere. It could not be otherwise, then, for the one who ended up asserting himself by approaching the majority by winning several races.

Julien even gets to create your blog in which he shares his statistics. “It would allow me to better manage my progress. I needed specific elements to get to know me better in the practice of running.”

Hours in front of the computer

Crossing France to settle in Britain, he had the idea in 2010, to create one website to identify all results races in the county. Then he enters another world.

It has become a drug. I found it exciting to highlight the performances of all the amateur runners.

Julien Kurtzemann

He always runs (one condition: by the sea!), He doubles Auray-Vannes Half Marathon (record 1 h 22 in the semi) and once the paris marathonand spends most of his free time behind him computer.

I can go for a run on Sunday morning and then spend 4 hours writing the results in the afternoon !.

He has his eyes on everything to be as rigorous as possible in all his statistics. “Today I have to call the organizers to give me their agreement. Emission rules are much stricter.

But no matter what got the license this season at the brand new trail club, the St-Jean-Brévelay (Brével’Trail) has no intention of letting it go. “The site has its followers and even its fans. Sometimes runners send me a message asking why the results of the race are not online.

Videos: currently on Actu

15,600 registered

They are 15,600 runners now trust Julien Kurtzemann who does not benefit from this activity. “Advertising allows me to finance certain costs.” How to make t-shirts that carry the image of your website. “I thought I should also be present at the races. So I created a team“. A team in a way made up of several ambassadors, good runners.

He also created two challenges which group a certain number of trails and for which it establishes classifications. By itself, Julien thus allows a certain emulation among the runners. Although the health crisis has had a slight impact on the audience of your site.

But the postman likes to deal with numbers. “I had the same experience in Vosges, my home country, and I have to say it has nothing to do with Brittany. This enthusiasm for running is incredible. ”A passion to which he carries, a little, his stone.

Julien is a factor in his condition.
Julien is a factor in his condition. © Gilles Queffelec

Website runnerbreizh.fr; Breizh runner’s Facebook page.

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