“Gran Turismo 7”, the car as a religion

The seventh installment of Sony’s star car simulator returns to its glory. We are even more sorry that the excellent driving sensations are tainted by the misuse of microtransactions.

What are the ingredients of a good car simulator? Its graphic beauty? Your full offer of cars? Unless it’s the realism of your driving sensations? Series Gran Turismo it is a special case in that it has always had the characteristics mentioned without being at the forefront in any of them.unlike titles like iRacing On Race layout. What to do to lie about your usual subtitle: The real driving simulator (“the real driving simulator” in French).

What makes it unique is its atmosphere imprinted by Kazunori Yamauchi, president of the historic Polyphony Digital studio and main mind behind all the canonical episodes for twenty-five years. More than the loss leaders of Sony ‘s PlayStation consoles, the Gran Turismo concentrating Yamauchi’s obsessions and his almost mystical love for the car, that is, a cozy atmosphere – bordering on monomania – between two races in a universe where everyone thinks and breathes big cars, polished images worthy of a tourist brochure and a gourmet pedagogy of the world. history of motorsport. This last part is no exception to the rule.

Gran Turismo 7 operates the synthesis between a sixth installment as lazy as technically obsolete in its release and the derivative episode Gran Turismo Sport, of great beauty but intended primarily for multiplayer. Unlike the competitor Strength from Microsoft, where the player has immediate access to a large garage, that GT7 it remains true to the Japanese conception of a gradual ascent, as in role-playing games. Therefore, we enrich and optimize our fleet by winning races that allow us to fill our portfolio. The case also comes in the form of somewhat surreal short missions, because they are set on the menus of a coffee shop. In case of repeated failures, we invite you to strengthen your car by investing in better quality parts or tires.

On the Playstation 5, the haptic feedback of the controller brings an immersive freshness to the driving sensations.

Polyphony Digital / Sony Interactive Entertainment

This mechanism, which is that of Gran Turismo from the beginning, it has always proven to be just as stimulating and addictive for crazy drivers. And in a few hours, the shed fills up pretty quickly with pretty regular passenger cars. Where’s the pinch of the shoe when it comes to getting exceptional vehicles like a Lamborghini Aventador or a McLaren P1 GTR, or just state-of-the-art components to stay competitive in the big leagues. Its price is at least prohibitive, especially since we are regularly asked to complete the payment with real money microtransactions. Given the already high price of the basic game (80 euros), we understand that many players have expressed their anger …

It is even more unfortunate than graphic photorealism Gran Turismo 7 caresses the retina very well. And as for the driving sensation, the copy has been largely corrected compared to the previous episode. If the rich will be happy with a power feedback steering wheel and a pedal, the others will be happy with the PlayStation 5’s Dual Sense controller, which works wonders here. Haptic feedback carefully creates the slightest bumps on the road or the vehicle’s grip depending on weather conditions, while the resistance on the triggers admirably simulates the limitations of the engine. These innovations bring an undeniable immersive freshness to this timeless and enjoyable formula. But his propensity to want to grab our pocket does not honor this religious love song in motor racing.

q Gran Turismo 7, Polyphony Digital / Sony Interactive Entertainment. Released March 4, 2022 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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