Exploding Cats, Agatha Christie and Metropolis: The Summary of the Weekend SVoD


Netflix that adapts Explosive kittens and bring back Love Death + Robotsalways more than mockery per Kenobi i Ahsokaan ultra ambitious production for the Metropolis Apple TV + version … What’s new in SVoD in recent days?

During this long Easter weekend, the streaming platforms were not at rest. So here is a collection of announcements, rumors and trailers from the last few days, starting with the market leader: Netlfix.

The Los Gatos service has announced the start of a confusing project. If you’re a fan of board games, you may be familiar with Exploding Kittens, a much smoother, brighter (you already have) rereading of Russian roulette with cards, cats, and dynamite. Netflix has signed an agreement with the game publisher to move it to a mobile version and offer it through its games section in May. Until then, nothing to whip a cat will tell us, but the story does not end here.

The Exploding Kittens mobile game project was signed by Netflix.  © Netflix

The mobile game project Explosive kittens signed Netflix. © Netflix

The SVoD giant has also commissioned a series, starring actress Lucy Liu and the star of Lucifer, Tom Ellis. Apparently, the narrative will focus on “the eternal conflict between heaven and hell“While God and the Devil are coming down to earth in the form of domestic cats. In the production of this fun project scheduled for 2023, we find two big names in American comedy, Greg Daniels (The office, Parks and recreation, Load) and Mike Judge (Idiocracy, Silicon Valley), who had already co-created the anime king of the hill. We expect, therefore, a lot of caustic humor, dogs not making cats (promised to be the last), but above all we hope that this umpteenth and for the least absurd adaptation will succeed.

Also on Netflix we had confirmation this weekend of two long-awaited renewals, those of Big mouth and its derivation Human resources for a seventh and second season, respectively. Meanwhile, Season 6 of the original Nick Kroll series is set to arrive this year.

The prequels of Star Wars Presented at Disney +

Now let’s go to Disney +, which continues to mock its upcoming releases from the Star Wars universe. No news from mandalorià this time, but great promises for the long-awaited Kenobi. According to actor Rupert Friend, who will play the Grand Inquisitor, one of the main antagonists in the series, he will be adorned with “amazing cameos“From the universe created by George Lucas. We already know that Hayden Christensen will put on Darth Vader’s armor again, but the rest is quite mysterious. The bets are, therefore, on the return of Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Who -Gon Jinn., O … Jar-Jar Binks?

The prequels of Star Wars should also be featured in another upcoming Disney + series, dedicated to Ahsoka Tano, a character created for anime Clone Wars but seen much more recently in The Mandalorian with actress Rosario Dawson. The winning duo of the latest series, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau, will re-write for the occasion, but it is actress-director Bryce Dallas Howard, also working on The Mandalorianwhich gave a clue as to the direction that Ahsoka. According to her, fans of Clone Wars will be “very rewarding“for this project which will probably not be published until early next year.

Let’s go to Australia for Metropolis of Apple TV +

Another great sci-fi classic, another streaming service. We told you about it a few weeks ago, a series based on the universe of Metropolis of Fritz Lang is in preparation for Apple TV +, with the creator of Mr. Robot Sam Esmail at the controls. Seconds variety, the shooting of this project should be done in Australia and take advantage of the latest technologies at the forefront of special effects, installed on site especially for the occasion. We are talking in particular about the device that made it successful The Mandalorian, again he, who had used a giant LED panel 6 meters high and 22 meters long that projected photorealistic decorations for an absolutely stunning image. So, as always, Apple TV + aims to do everything possible to offer a program that lives up to its reputation.

The apple-based platform recently became the first SVoD service to receive the Oscar for Best Picture CodaAmerican remake of The Aries family. A rare thing in the industry, the film will soon be seen in theaters, in addition to its broadcast on Apple TV +. On the weekend of April 23-24, you can go to one of the 120 cinemas participating in the program. This is an exceptional case but not unheard of – Netflix recently took advantage of it for its festival – and can be applied in two formulas depending on The French film : no more than 30 rooms with no time limit, or no more than 500 rooms for just two days, an option chosen by Apple.

Love Death + Robots on May 20 on Netflix

We’re done with the two trailers of the week. First we return to Netflix, which has released a surprise teaser and the release date of the third season of the anthology. Love Death + Robots, which will land on May 20. Not many new images, but some really tasty fun of the usual promotional campaigns with sequences of The Crown i The women’s game.

On Canal +, we will be able to watch the series from April 25 Why not Evans?, an adaptation of a novel by Agatha Christie, starring Hugh Laurie, Will Poulter and Emma Thompson. An obviously intriguing story of which here are the first images.

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