Deaf Olympics: events, dates, French athletes … Everything you need to know about these Deaf Olympics

By Cécile D. Posted on April 19, 2022 at 2:26 p.m.

Sports fans have their eyes set on Brazil, May 1-15: The 2022 Deaf Olympics are taking place here. Don’t you know about this world event for deaf athletes? We tell you more.

They do not participate Paralympic Games : so they created their own international multisport competition. He deaf athletes from all over the world have a date on Caxias do Sulof From the 1st to the 15th of May 2022, for the 24th edition of Deaf Olympics summer, the World Games for the Deaf. This competition should have been held in December 2021, but was postponed due to the pandemic.

This event returns every four years, and in the meantime the Winter Games are organized alternately, such as the Olympic Games. The first edition of the Deaflympics took place in Paris in 1924. Almost 100 years later, it is in Brazil that we find the French delegation, determined to shine during these Games.

The Blues distinguished themselves in 2017, in Turkey, to win nine medals (1 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze). No medal goals have been set this year, but they intend to shine again. 29 French athletes with disabilities have been selected for these 24th Deaflympics.

This international competition brings together 21 subjects : athletics, badminton, basketball, bowling, cycling, mountain biking, orienteering, football, handball, golf, judo, karate, wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, taekwondo, swimming, tennis, table tennis, pistol shooting, volleyball and beach volleyball. To participate, athletes must have a lower hearing threshold 55 decibels and do not wear hearing aids or hearing aids during testing.

The French athletes selected for these 2022 Deaf Olympics:

  • Athletics (FFHandisport)
    • LOSANGE Pamera, ASHJ Paris
    • OMAR MAKASIDY Makasidy, USPEG Marseille
    • RIVEREAU Marie, Nantes Racing Club
  • Badminton (FFBadminton)
    • BERNARD Lluís
    • DUBOIS Floriane
    • GASPARUTTO Antoine
    • KEIFFER Titouan
    • REYMOND Emma
    • VALLEDOR Xavier
  • Cycling
    • TOUBOUL Steeve, Béziers Mediterranean Cycling
    • SERVIERES BORDES Paul, Dep Disabled Committee of Aveyron
    • MOREAU Théo, Handisport Club del Pays de Challans
  • Football (FFHandisport)
    • ALEXANDRE Lucas, FFH
    • BERTHIER Léopold, CSSM Paris (replaces CELIK Yasin, FFH, injured)
    • CAVELIER Pierre, ASSS Caen
    • DIABY Omar, CSS Reims
    • GOMES Willian, CSSM Paris
    • JULIANO Kevin, ESS Vitry
    • KOITA Boubacar, CSSM Paris
    • KUZEHGARAN Rafaelli, CSSM Paris
    • LE BIGAUT Antoine, CSSM Paris
    • MANCEAUX Aurélien, CSS Reims
    • MANCEAUX Julien, CSS Reims
    • NOTIN Maxime, FFH
    • OUARAB Nourredine, CSSM Paris
    • PELLETIER Matt, ASS Lyon
    • RECOBER Paul, ASS Lyon
    • RECOBER Théophile, FFH
    • TAVARES Joffrey, CSSM Paris
    • THIMON Arnold, CSS Reims
    • WEBER Teddy, CSS Reims
  • Golf (FFGolf)
  • Judo (FFJudo)
    • Brass Camille
    • OUREDNIK Rafael
    • REPICET Arthur
    • MEITE Amadou
  • Swimming (FFHandisport)
    • HAAB Manon, Bellegarde Swimmer Circle
    • MASSE Zelia, Stade Bethunois Pelican club
  • Tennis (FFTennis)
    • LAMBERT Jennifer
    • LANFRANCHI Nicolas
    • LAURENT Michael
    • NOVELLI Vincent
    • Sanchez Maxime
  • Table tennis (FFHandisport)
    • VINCHON Romaric, Maizieres les Metz
  • Volleyball (FFVolleyball)
    • BENIELLI Jean-Baptiste
    • BIGLER Mariner
    • GREATER Mathis
    • ASK Christophe
    • FREARD Serge
    • Nicolau Alexandre
    • PASTORELLO Alexandre
    • PETIT Maxim
    • PLANTEY Sylvain
    • TRANSLATOR David
the calendar of events is available in pdf on the official website of the Deaf Olympics. Almost every day, different athletes and teams compete to try to conquer the highest step of the podium. About 4,500 athletesof about 100 countries, is expected to do so 24th edition Games reserved for deaf people.

We want ours French athletes good luck, and may you have it all medals of these World Games!

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