Bagnols-sur-Cèze: Le Bosquet university students reveal themselves with their fresco on the fraternity

Thanks to the PJJ and the teaching staff, a stimulating project for students in difficulty.

“I drew shapes, you’re going to color them, with light colors. Dark is used more for shadows and outlines,” says Grumo, an artist, to a group of schoolchildren from Le Bosquet.

Over the past week, a happy team – teenagers, artists and teachers – has made this project a reality thanks to a funding proposal from the PJJ (Juvenile Legal Protection) for thirteen students in the relay class. “a device for university students with difficulties and / or dropping out of school. They have a proper schedule. They are supervised in short periods with teachers who put themselves at their level. We also organize workshops to reflect especially on their orientation. For example, they met teachers of cooking, construction, horticulture … ”.summarizes Anissa El Hadj, coordinator of the relay class.

For this project, which they prepared for several weeks, these students were joined by a dozen volunteer university students of all levels. Laura Mercier, art teacher, says: The students discovered the artistic history of mural painting, the artist’s work, different trades and decided on the main theme of this fresco by answering the question: “What does university mean to you?” They answer, “Brotherhood.” The cloud-shaped mind map was designed by the students to accompany the artist in making his sketch. “

Beginners as fans of playful drawing

From the preparatory work to the production, the students were enthusiastically involved, forgetting about the pastime. His 30 m2 work took shape and life in a strategic place: the school hall. “We gave keywords and Grumo gave us a sketch”Lena remembers. “The painting explains university life, with all the sectionsadds Alice. To say that we are all different and that the school accepts that we come as we are.

The two girls love to draw. Marwa discovered that it was possible to draw on the walls: “It surprised me. It’s a little tricky, then it got easy and it worked well. I’d love to keep drawing on the walls!” For Islam, which draws all the time, the week has been especially stimulating.

The centerpiece of the fresco is a giant octopus. It symbolizes the richness of learning that is offered in the Bosquet, from the music class (CHAM), through sports, through agriculture with the greenhouse, through the different projects represented by a circus tent; glasses to evoke the main, books for the CDI, musical notes, birds “Because at the moment, we see a lot of them,” some curettes, “because there are fights in the university”… The play is very much alive!

Discover techniques and live an adventure

Grumo, the supervising artist, values ​​the interventions in schools: “The idea is that they can discover different techniques” and transmit “The codes of the craft: how we manage the tools, the quantities of material, the cleaning, how to climb a ladder … We are also on a human adventure that allows us to talk about culture, music. opportunity to tell them that we can do certain trades and that this does not stop them from loving the arts. Culture should not be left out of our society! “ “Spray painting is not easy …”Mahina discovered that he drew bees, letters, parrots. “Basically, I don’t like to drawJessy testified. I didn’t think I would be able to … But once in action! “

All participants enjoyed this special week: “Being collective, free, moving, discussing, helping each other, showing what we are capable of,” summed up Alice and Lena.

Friday, final stage. Grumo focuses on retouching and finishing, artist apprentices admire the result: “There’s a lot more relief, details, it’s amazing.” “He taught us how to make art”Emma will say thoughtfully, staring into his eyes.

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