What grants are offered for the purchase of an electric or hybrid vehicle?

Rising bomb prices, environmental awareness, government promises … Equipping yourself with an electric car today is not available to everyone. How much does it cost ? What help is possible, especially in Normandy? What solutions to pay less? And we contest.

Between rising fuel prices and the environmental awareness of some motorists, more and more people want to turn to electricity. But between the average purchase price between € 45,000 and € 60,000 still (very) high, the cost of installing refills and the amount of help, it is not easy to make the move.

Ludovic, a reader, asks us at section PN and you : “Switching to electric or hybrid vehicles is necessary for ecology and to cope with rising fuel prices, but the price is too high for most people to access. What aid does the state offer and what are the solutions to make these vehicles more accessible? »

Ecological bonus, conversion bonus … What help?

In France there are various aids for the purchase of an electric vehicle, but they are subject to certain conditions.

The first: the ecological bonusfinished a € 6,000 (until July 1, 2022) for the purchase of a new vehicle below € 60,000. This bonus-penalty system was born out of Grenelle de l’Environnement in December 2007. On the one hand, it rewards buyers of new cars with less CO2 emissions through a bonus. And on the other hand, it penalizes, through a sanction, those who choose to buy the most polluting vehicles. The principle is that the bonus of some is financed by the penalty of others.

Please note that most sellers already deduct this discount from the selling price shown. Otherwise, the buyer will have to establish his financing file in order to obtain this state aid. In addition, the amount of this premium cannot be exceeded 27% of the acquisition cost any vehicle taxes included (including the cost of the battery if rented). For example, for an entry-level Renault Twingo ZE, sold for about 21,000 euros, the aid will be about 5,640 euros.

To this is added the recycling bonuswhich can reach up to € 5,000. This additional aid is used to replace a thermal car with an electric car.

Although at the moment this aid only concerns new vehicles, the government also offers aid from € 1,000, no income conditions. It also offers assistance in the form of 30% tax creditto equip a home charging station.

Finally, the state is destined to additional bonus of € 1,000 to support Low Emission Zone (ZFE) residents. And the good news is that the people of the metropolis of Rouen can claim it. From 1 September 2022, private vehicles from twelve municipalities in the Rouen conurbation will be affected by this measure.

An additional bonus to Normandy

Locally, regional aid they have also been launched. This is especially the case in Normandy. Thus, for the purchase of a less polluting vehicle, additional aid among € 1,000 and € 2,500depending on income and type of household, you may be granted.

Therefore, Norman buyers can claim, in total, 14,500 euros in aid for the purchase of a new electric vehicle.

What about hybrid vehicles?

If electric car subsidies seem attractive, the eco-friendly bonus for plug-in hybrid cars does not exceed € 1,000. In addition, it is reserved for models whose selling price is less than € 50,000 and CO2 emissions of which do not exceed 50 grams per kilometer (compared to 20 grams / km for electric cars).

A bonus is also possible for quadricycles or two-wheeled electric vehicles, ranging from Between 100 and 900 euros and cannot overcome 27% of the purchase price.

What solutions to make electricity more accessible?

In addition to the promises of the candidates in terms of purchasing power, the number one concern of the French a few days before the presidential election, the war in Ukraine also has consequences for the price of the components needed for the manufacture of electric vehicles.

If we had to wait a long time to see a lasting drop in the purchase price of this type of vehicle, for specialists, this increase in the price of the models, already difficult to access for all motorists, would be a mistake. Thus, car manufacturers and associations, for example, are likely to ask the government to release it. additional aids for buyers of electric cars, the revision of which is scheduled for July 1, 2022.

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