Season 2 of “Pacific Rim: The Black” hits Netflix this week

As announced a few months ago, the time has finally come for fans of the Pacific Rim universe to discover the sequel to the famous Netflix animated series. In fact, the season 2 of ” Pacific Rim: The Blackwill be available on the streaming platform from this April 19, 2022 . This is obviously the direct sequel to first season released in March 2021 and who takes place in the same universe as the 2013 blockbustersand of 2018 . And according to information we may have about the production, these new episodes are planned close the story of our two Jaeger pilots, that is Hayleyi taylor .

“Pacific Rim: The Black,” What’s the Story?

For those who haven’t had a chance to discover the title on Netflix yet, rest assured that the first season is still available. In addition, we have also planned to give you a brief summary of what we are talking about in this animated series.
Pacific Rim: The Black it’s mostly an animated series based on the same universe as the famous movie. ” Pacific Rim (2013) per Guillermo del Toro with Idris Elba, Rinko KikuchiiCharlie Hunnamas well as ” Pacific Rim: Rise(2018) with Joan Boyega i Cailee Spaeny . An action and science fiction film that tells the story of a group of people who decide to fight the giant creatures ( Kaiju) that took over the world thanks to a giant robot called Jaeger.

Pacific Rim: The Black

Like the movies, the Netflix animated series also follows the same story, but obviously with some changes. The anime series follows two brothers, Hayley i taylorWHO he learns to fly an abandoned Jaeger. They are going to look for their missing parents after Australia is invaded by the Kaiju . ” Pacific Rim: The Black»Was created by Greg Johnsoni Craig Kyle, who both already have a lot of experience when it comes to epic anime. In fact, Johnson served as lead writer on ” X-Men: Evolutionand wrote for ” Transformers: Rescue Bots “As for Kyle, he wrote for” Iron Man: Armored Adventures “,” The Fantastic Four: The World’s Greatest Heroesand co-wrote the megablockbuster Thor: Ragnarok of Marvel.

First season summary (spoiler warning)

If you missed some details of the first season of ” Pacific Rim: The Black », Don’t be scared, we have prepared one summary of previous episodes . The Kaiju have invaded the Australian mainland and the Pacific Defense Corps has decided to launch Operation “Blackout” (the evacuation of civilians and personnel from areas contaminated by the Kaiju). In addition, all Jaegers and Shatterdomes have been destroyed or buried. It is in this chaos that we discover the Rangers Brina and Ford Travis who, after rescuing civilians from a Kaiju attack, go to the nearby evacuation cities for help. Five years later, his children,Hayley and Taylordiscovers the underground base of the PPDC Shadow Basin, which houses theJaeger Mark-3,Atlas Destroyer. This is a disused, unarmed training Jaeger left behind during the PPDC evacuation.

Pacific Rim: The Black

However, when activated, the Atlas Destroyer catches the eye of a Category IV Kaiju.Copper head, which destroys their shelter and kills the survivors they lived with. With no other choice, they use the Atlas Destroyer to search for their parents. Research faces many obstacles. While searching for a battery of energy, Taylor and Hayley find a boy trapped in the basement of the PPDC Recruiting Center. Later, the two characters will also meet Shane and Mei in Bogan after facing aaKaiju-Jaeger hybridas well as severalCanins Kaiju.In addition, the Kaiju Copperhead is never far away, as our two pilots will have to face it throughout their journey. A confrontation with the Kaiju-Jaeger hybrid, Apex, also reveals hybrid remnants in later episodes, in addition to “sistersthat Shane was talking about, not to mentionMessiah Kaiju.

What awaits us in Season 2 of Pacific Rim: The Black?

It’s been a few months since the end of the first season of “Pacific Rim: The Blackand many fans had to wait a long time to see the sequel to the animated series. In fact, the Season 2 trailer presented by Netflix a few days ago allowed us to learn more about the upcoming new episodes. In addition, the streamer announced it in parallelthis new season is destined to close the story.According to the trailer, Hayley and Taylor go deeper and deeper into the desert that has become Australia to find their family. They will be joined by teenage Mei and the human-kaiju hybrid “b0y” who will reveal the actual extent of their powers as the journey progresses.

Pacific Rim: The Black

The footage also reveals the threat the siblings will face before discovering the truth about their missing parents. In fact, in a Jaeger cemetery, they discover “the sisters”, a group of fearsome fanatics who believe in the arrival of the messiah Kaiju. However, the Messiah will not be the only Kaiju that Taylor and Hayley will have to fight. Otherwise, here’s the official season 2 synopsis:

“At the epic conclusion of the series in Pacific Rim: The Black (S2), the journey is far from over. Our brave brothers Taylor and Hayley are still waiting to reach Sydney’s safety aboard the Atlas Destroyer. the reduced training that Jaeger left behind when he was evacuated to Australia.With the teenage killer Mei and the mysterious human / kaiju hybrid child joining Taylor and Hayley, this makeshift family must traverse dangerous cult-controlled territory These fanatics, led by the enigmatic High Priestess, are convinced that Boy is their long-awaited Messiah and that they will stop at nothing to indoctrinate him in their dark circle, something that Hayley she is willing to sacrifice to avoid it. “

Here’s what you need to know about themseven new episodesof “Pacific Rim: The BlackSo if you’re a fan of the genre, go toNetflix since April 19, 2022to discover theseason 2of this famous animated series.

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