“I am comforted by the idea that I can win …” Marine Le Pen in the face of “redemonization”

Marine Le Pen recognizes it herself, with the small smile of one who pretends to be surprised. A new campaign has been launched since Monday, which this time is not spared by Emmanuel Macron, his political opponents or civil society, which keeps reminding those who have forgotten that it is she. in fact a far-right candidate. “I heard a change of tone between Friday evening and Monday morning,” the affected person told BFMTV last week. A tone given by the President of the Republic. Emmanuel Macron is brutal and aggressive with me. Reference to “authoritarian drift” denounced by presidential candidate over Marine Le Pen’s alleged refusal to accredit program reporters Daily in his meetings with the press.

Of course, he was not completely saved before the first round. But let’s say he spent most of his time under the radar, quietly gathering his electorate in the field or talking about his passion for cats and gardening, while Eric Zemmour sought – and obtained – all the ‘Warning. “Zemmour played the role of bad police, even more extreme, more fundamentalist, more ideological, says political scientist Erwan Lecoeur, a specialist in populism and the French far right. This allowed Marine Le Pen not even to talk about her traditional themes, which still form the structure of her program. What Zemmour told the media benefited her without her even having to say anything. »

Zemmour’s bubble burst at the end of the first lap, it’s as if some had rediscovered the National Rally program earlier this week. It should be noted that the candidate had to answer very technical questions about her draft revision of the Constitution by referendum to include the notion of “national priority”, which would require evading the National Assembly and the Senate through Article 11 . (project that seems difficult to achieve).

A little big rope that makes the RN smile

He was also ridiculed for his profession of faith, where it is written that “Islamism is advancing and insecurity is increasing with + 31% of voluntary attacks since 2017”, and that “immigration is exploding with 1.5 million in revenue since 2017 “. Figures from the “Ministry of the Interior” but which the RN has ordered in its own way, as a document of our colleagues in the World. However, the National Electoral Campaign Control Commission expressed reservations about these figures but eventually approved the document due to the “material impossibility” of a new impression.

Macron’s field, meanwhile, took advantage of the slightest opening to attack Marine Le Pen. Without following in the footsteps of the strategy of Eric Dupond-Moretti, who wanted, according to The chained duck, “demonizing him again, hitting his fans, GUD guys like Frédéric Chatillon or the legacy of the Waffen-SS and the Pétainists,” the first week between the two rounds was tough. Faithful among the faithful of the head of state, Christophe Castaner, for example, does not miss the opportunity to scratch the aspirant to the Elysee, as when a protester was brutally expelled after interrupting a Marine press conference Le Pen on “the place.” of France in the concert of nations “.

A method that makes you laugh softly on the RN side. “Those who try this redemption come from a breathless system, which has only this to defend itself,” he said. 20 minutes the deputy and spokesman of the candidate Sébastien Chenu. When we don’t have much to say, we say “oulala Marine Le Pen is very petty and very dangerous.” Frankly, it’s ultra old and cheesy. Gilles Pennelle, the party’s leader in Britain, explains: “Macron finds out that there has been an election campaign since Sunday, so he walks into a china shop like an elephant. He has an abysmal history, so he launches these kinds of attacks not to mention. »


More and more audible voices in LREM warn that this method is doomed to failure or, in any case, will not advance the schmilblick. The outgoing president also carries his share of fierce opponents. Above all, it is not enough to press a switch to turn off the RN candidate. During every speech this week, Marine Le Pen has been especially calm. We’d even like to say “overflowing,” to use an expression cherished by Emmanuel Macron during the 2017 campaign. They are just elections. We compare opinions, we can do it with loyalty, courtesy, this is the greatness of France. It’s a battle of ideas, it can’t be a battle of people. »

Even in the middle of the storm, as on Friday in Pertuis (Vaucluse), where his walk in the market was interrupted by about thirty protesters shouting “Break!” Or “fascist”, the candidate remained impassive. Insults? “It doesn’t move us,” he assured the tense microphone cloud. Surprised by repeated attacks since Monday? “Not at all. I’m comforted by the idea that I can win. The brutality that is expressed towards me is proportional to my chances of winning this election,” he said.

For Marine Le Pen’s shocking phrases, we’ll be back. “We had predicted that, obviously, the eternal professionals of indignation would leave with their old refrains, more and more obsolete every year,” says Sébastien Chenu. Everything was ready to the millimeter. The speech is well rehearsed. “The country has been brutalized for five years. The idea is to sew the Republican fabric,” said the Northern MP. “We are not going to argue with people who insult us from evening to morning. Marine Le Pen had said,” For me, the noise and the fury are over. “I think that’s their mentality. If they want sound and fury, insults, protests, they will. But I think people are tired of that.”

This is how the Pas-de-Calais MP tries to build a “presidency”, five years after losing her footing during her first final. “Marine Le Pen has spent the last few years working on another image, trying to show that it wasn’t her, that she’s actually a dignified, calm woman who is caught with a grain of salt,” observes Erwan Lecoeur. . And there have been times in this campaign where he has been able to prove it. “For example, when her family left her to join Eric Zemmour. Not even the desertion of his niece, Marion Maréchal, took him off the hinges.

“He was prepared to be there today, back on the front lines,” the far-right specialist continues. He has fewer political advisers than before, but more image advisors. He worked on his posture, his tone of voice. After a hectic first week, Marine Le Pen will turn green starting Monday to prepare for Wednesday’s long-awaited televised debate against her opponent. Here, too, everything has been fixed for a long time.

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