From Saint Mathieu to Clisson, 600 kms to stand out and serve a good cause

Eric Hochart, 56, has a 35% permanent disability. After 11 marathons he set off on November 9, with his dogs, for a 600 km route between Pointe Saint-Mathieu and Clisson. A sporting challenge at the service of the Handi’chiens association.

At the age of 17, Eric Hochart was the victim of a very serious car accident that seriously injured him. When he leaves the hospital, the doctor tells the miracle worker that he will no longer be able to play sports.

Do not care. The young man, who was considering a career as a sports education teacher, has only one goal: to make the hospital doctor lie.

Nearly 40 years later, despite his pain and a 35% permanent disability, Eric has 11 marathons and many semis and trails on his board.

This Monday, April 18, Eric does not hide his fatigue. ” It is difficult, he admits, but everything is in the mind. Despite my hip and feet, I will go all the way. »

Eric has been running between 50 and 75 kilometers a day for 10 days, towing a 40 kg cart.It’s hard to climb but also down! he says.

The racing fan left Pointe Saint-Mathieu in Finisterre on Saturday 9 April, with Clisson in the Loire-Atlantique as his final destination.

A 600-kilometer journey, which Eric shares, as always, with his three dogs (Métisse, Jasmine, two Beaucerons and XS, a jack russel crossbred pinscher), but also with the Handi’chiens association, whom he decided to pay all the money he collects.

This structure is responsible for educating dogs and giving them to people with disabilities. ” I do all my shopping with my dogs, except, of course, the official races. The Handi’chiens association is based in Quintin like me. So it was only natural that I decided to run for his cause. “

The sun and temperatures in mid-April forced Eric to adjust his schedule. He left at 4:30 this morning to avoid the afternoon heat on his dogs. After 10 days of running, the runner is exhausted but happy. “It simply came to our notice then. The goal is achieved despite the difficulties. Everything is in mind “ Eric’s goal is twofold: to get to Clisson, of course, but also and above all to raise the remaining 3,000 euros to finance the purchase and training of a dog for a person with a disability. “I had raised 14,000 euros so far, I needed 3,000 to reach the necessary 17,000 euros. There I am at 6,000 euros raised. It worked well. People give easily when we exchange ”

People come to meet me on the roads. They offer me coffee or food and discuss my challenge. I know a lot of people and it’s very rewarding

Encounters are precisely what also gives pleasure to the adventurer. ” Every day I spend 8 or 10 hours running and more than 2 hours chatting. People come to meet me on the roads. They offer me coffee or food and discuss my challenge. I meet a lot of people and it’s very rewarding. “.

Eric is also welcomed free of charge every evening by people who have contacted him to offer him accommodation. “Last night I was with people who contacted me in November to offer to come to their house. When I arrived the food was ready, so was the dog bowl. On my three trips I only took out the tent once! The people are really kind and generous. »

In 2019 Eric Hochart left Nantes for Brest to cover a distance of 485 km. In 2020 he repeated the adventure linking Mont-Saint-Michel with Quimper through the Monts d’Arrée. With these sporting challenges, Eric wants to show that with mentality you can always outdo yourself and that ” you have to stop complaining about small sores »

Eric and his dogs are expected in Clisson on Friday, April 22nd.

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