The second line of C’Chartres Rugby, Bastien Legrand, left out for many months …

After just five minutes of play, last Sunday, Bastien Legrand’s left ankle gave way under pressure from two opposing players, in the field of the leader Périgueux (35-3). Assessment: dislocation of the ankle with rupture of all ligaments and double fracture of the fibula, including a small one below the knee. Forty-five days in plaster and three months of immobilization await the second line of Chartres, who is experiencing his first major injury as a rugby player and athlete.

Bastien Legrand, how are you?
Bah … Okay, I’m in a bit of a mood, but it’s okay!

It is difficult ?
Yes, I just got home, the paramedic just left me at home.

“On the move, my foot hit the ground which was hard. In a state of shock, it broke everything.”

Let’s go back to the circumstances of your injury, how did it happen?
Disconnected, we start again with Lehi (Tematafaarere), we follow the movement. They pass the ball to me and then a first player from Périgueux runs me in front of me. No problem holds me back, then comes a second side to my legs. On the move, my foot got stuck to the ground which was hard. In shock, it broke everything for me.

Was it a big pain?
In fact, nothing more than that! The healers asked me if I was in pain, I just felt my blood reach the wound.

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Is this your first major injury?
Yes. Previously, he had made the scaphoid (wrist bone), with a screw in the bone. This is really my biggest injury in rugby. The end of the season is coming.

In rugby and in your sporting career in general?
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

“I have a plate that holds the fibula with a dozen screws, one of which also crosses the tibia, plus the welds of the ligaments. The complete one!”

Have you stayed in Périgueux?
There they operated on me. On Sunday night, in the emergency room, they put my ankle back in place. I returned to the operating room at 9 a.m. Monday morning. I went back up to my room around 1:30 pm, I’m on my knees in plaster, I have a plate that holds the fibula with a dozen screws, one of which also crosses the tibia, plus the welds of the ligaments. Complete it!

You’re stuck in bed or in the chair …
I could walk on crutches, but the surgeon advised me to stay calm for a few months. We’ll see later. I have forty-five days of plaster and then three months doing nothing during that time, I will start rehab gently, without forcing too much.

“He was alone, but not abandoned.”

Are you alone in Périgueux since Sunday evening?
Yes, but I received a visit from my classmates who brought me my things before I left for Chartres. Then I received many messages from the president, the coach, the players, the leaders, even from Périgueux. He was alone but not abandoned.

How will you cope during this long convalescence?
I think I’ll fill my mind with Netflix series, crossword puzzles, and most of all, take out my books. I don’t like video games at all.

So novel, thriller or science fiction?
No, rather rugby books, great player stories or big events.

Léo Halavatau, one of the “parents” of C’Chartres Rugby

Is it a shortcoming for you?
I was late to rugby, I was 33 and I only played 7 seasons there, so I like to get rich with rugby culture.

At 33, could such an injury end your career?
I will go back to what the surgeon Périgueux told me when I asked him the same question, he was skeptical about a resumption of rugby: “Start walking again. Don’t skip steps, walk normally. And then you’ll see. ” we’ll see then. There are other activities, other priorities. It’s not rugby that makes me live. But on Sunday I’m going to see my friends play, it’s at home, even if I have to go in a wheelchair!

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