The British artist Garry Leach (Miracleman, Global Frequency) has left us.

The British designer Garry Leachco – creator of the character of Miracleman, died a few days ago at the age of sixty-seven. The editions 2000 AD they were the first to report the artist’s death, claiming that he had died on March 26. The consequences of his death, however, have not been made public. 2000 AD pays tribute to this regular contributor to the brand’s soap operas.

Future Shocks, Dan Dare, Marvelman

Born in 1954, Garry Leach began his collaboration with the magazine at the age of twenty-four, with several participations scattered over a period of several years — often for short stories, in the company of John Wagner i Alan Grant in many segments of the series Judge Dreddbut also on Dan Dare with Henry Miller i Nick Landauas well as the anthology of comic strips Future shocks. In this science fiction series, the man will collaborate with several screenwriters, including a certain one Alan Moore by a”Program“in 1981, baptized They sweeten the space pathways.

Leaching you will find your bearded friend following the editor Dez Skinna great comic book name in the UK, during an adventure that began in 1981, the famous magazine Warrior o Moore will launch two different projects: V of Vendetta on the one hand, with the artist David Lloydand the rebirth of the distant character wonderful man of wonder of the UKin a format that will be distanced from the series previously published by L.Miller & Sons. This progressive alienation, associated with an intellectual property conflict with wonderwould lead to the character being reintroduced later as Miracleman. It is often considered one of the most underrated masterpieces of Moorethe series will serve as a draft for the screenwriter in his future extrapolation of the thought of the gods-superheroes, reused in the Dr. Manhattanand his ability to break the illusions of the Golden Age and Silver Age comics by introducing a principle of reversing established certainties.

Next to him, Leaching will offer an excellent performance, in an aesthetic coexistence with the sketches of a certain David Bolland in this most realistic and cold stance of the superman’s codes. Busy with his duties as artistic director at Warriorbut the artist will eventually be replaced by Alan Davis, which will ink during the first issues to facilitate the transition. Occasional inking of Chris Weston, Leaching will also work in this position on projects Pat Mills UK (What happened? : Adjust) i Joe Michael Straczynski To the United States (The Twelve). More recently, the man had also kept her company Warren Ellis al maxi Global frequencypublished by the late company Wild stormintegrated in editions DC Comics.

Winner of a Eagle Award for his work Miracleman ia Eisner Award for its short ink performance for John McCrea a la Hitman # 34 of Garth Ennis (DC), Leaching he had largely disappeared from the radar for a few years, after handing over some illustrations for the card game. Magic: The Gathering and tried to resurrect the structure Atomic Press just over fifteen years ago.

On social media, David Aja, And Spurrier, Dave Gibbons and other established artists paid tribute to the march of Garry Leach – the official account of wonder even split a press release for the occasion (since then the publisher has regained the rights to Miracleman, and therefore can claim his legacy as one of the episodes in the life of this complicated character). The most important, Liam Sharpa British artist whose style was largely inspired by this blessed generation of the first great designers of 2000 ADcelebrates the departure of one of his models, with whom he had the opportunity to scrub in the British archipelago.

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