Ternwaves, the nugget that increases the capabilities of the Internet of Things

It’s crazy technology we have. We really have the potential to become a unicorn. It is not in vain that we have all left our positions, and important ones, to dedicate ourselves completely to this project.“says Julie Duclercq, President of Ternwaves. directed this launch created in December 2018 next Jean-Xavier Canonici and Bruno Jechoux.

Our startup developed this technology in-house to an industrial level of performance and quality before we started introducing it to customers.. Today, it is patented worldwide and ready to be marketed. We have signed our first contract and others will arrive very soon “, continues the manager.

The work of the trio resulted in a software solution dedicated to creating a global network for the Internet of Things (IoT), thus becoming a competitor to LoRa and Sigfox technologies. Today, there are about 10 billion connected objects in the world, which is far from the initial projections, but no one doubts that their number will take on a whole new dimension soon.

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“What is blocking the massive IoT right now, and for all the technologies on offer in this market today, is its ability to serve many objects connected simultaneously to its networks, plus collisions of “Sending messages and therefore loss of associates. data and dominoes can cause the network to crash.

Connectivity capabilities 300 times greater than SpaceX

To develop its technology, Ternwaves addressed the issue for looking for robust modulation in the face of these famous collisionsfatal for the data contained in the transmitted messages.

We got itgreatly increase the exploitation of time-frequency space and the results of our innovative technology have been validated by testing in a CNRS laboratory“Certifies Ternwaves President. Ternwaves even claims to be able to offer IoT connectivity capabilities”very significantly higher“offered by SpaceX, which uses LoRa technology with its Swarm Technologies entity. As for the space segment, he is working especially with Kineis in a radio frequency laboratory that will be sent into orbit next autumn aboard a satellite of the Toulouse Loft Orbital nugget.

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Opportunities in the space sector

Capable of connecting to both terrestrial and satellite base stations, the Ternwaves solution also promises to far surpass current IoT connectivity solutions in terms of sensitivity, i.e. the possibility of a small object communicating over long distances. “We are working with the European Space Agency to show that we are capable of this geostationary satellites in addition to those in low orbitsays Julie Duclercq. Ternwaves claims to be able to communicate with low-orbit satellites with significantly lower transmission powers than a mobile phone.

Also of lower energy intensity, the technology of the Toulouse-based startup in Languedoc could offer some capabilities for the autonomy of connected objects. “From 10 to 15 yearsAt the same time, the company is working with semiconductor manufacturers to optimize the battery life of these connected objects and even make them energy self-sufficient for life.

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Billing ready to take off

Ternwaves plans to focus first on the terrestrial and space IoT connectivity markets, but also on defense. “For the latter market, we have developed a variant by adding a layer of cybersecurity. But our solution is mostly stealthy because our signals are mixed with the surrounding noise and show better resistance to traffic jams.says Julie Duclercq.

With these business objectives, the young outbreak aims for a rapid increase in its activities. It expects to exceed one million euros in turnover by the end of 2023 “.We should far exceed these forecasts.“, says the leader.

Beyond the fundraising that seems essential to continue growing, Ternwaves does not close any door to the future: neither one or more collaborations with powerful industrial actors, nor the creation of joint ventures based on the signed contracts, which will guide the future dimension of Ternwaves.


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“10,000 startups to change the world” has been awarding for 10 years the most promising French startups in six categories that embody the challenges of tomorrow: Environment and energy, Industry of the future, Data and AI, Smart tech -use innovations- , Health and Start – nuggets in the seed phase. During a tour of France between January and March in 8 French cities (Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris, Strasbourg and Lille), its jury of experts and journalists awarded 6 startups from each region, one by category , i.e. 48. regional winners.

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