Météo-France renews its public websites for Reunion and Mayotte

On March 29, 2022, Météo-France launched its new websites for Mayotte (www.meteofrance.yt) and Reunion (www.meteofrance.re). Renovated and improved, these sites offer easier and faster access to weather and climate information.

This review is part of an evolution of the Météo-France digital universe. The review of the Vigilance sites in Reunion (April 2021) and Mayotte (November 2021) is part of the same logic, to improve access to information for the prediction of dangerous phenomena.

The objectives of the review

Websites for the general public in Reunion and Mayotte are an essential vector of Météo-France communication, particularly during high-risk weather events. For example, nearly 700,000 visits were recorded between January 30 and February 4, 2022, during the episode of Hurricane BATSIRAI in Reunion. The site also plays a role as a crossroads in the Météo-France digital ecosystem by providing access to all sites published by the establishment (surveillance, understanding, etc.).

This redesign improves the ergonomics, design and readability of weather and climate information. This new website aims to consolidate links with the public by offering attractive content with more information on meteorological and climatic phenomena.

Improved mobile experience

The user experience is particularly improved in mobility, with navigation better adapted to mobile devices, which now account for the majority of queries on Météo-France sites.

In addition, these new sites incorporate Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, which transforms your site into a downloadable and directly accessible mobile app directly on your smartphone screen. This feature is available on Android and iOS devices.

Richer content

An enriched “cyclone” section, which now gives access to a dynamic and zoomable map of the basin that allows you to view the trajectory and intensity forecasts at 120 hours of each current low pressure system. This tool now also provides access to the trajectories and characteristics of all the systems observed in the basin since 1985. You will also find all the previously available newsletters, as well as the trends in the basin for the next 5 days. risk of a tropical storm.

– A more complete “Observation” section, which allows you to consult the data observed in time intervals during the last 7 days, for Reunion, Mayotte as well as the territories of the TAAF, for the Scattered Islands and the Southern Islands.

– A redesigned “Marina” section, with a revision of the amograms of the Marina / port pages, revised to adapt more to the expectations of sailors than to the general public. So, at a glance, users see the relevant information with color codes according to common thresholds. Tide timetables are also now included in this section.

– Longer-term forecasts, with a distribution of the days in the morning, afternoon, evening and night, in order to better meet the expectations of Internet users.

– Reading comfort has been improved, thanks to the redesign of many pages, including satellite animations and radar animations. There is also a new video block that highlights all the videos produced by Météo-France.

– Reference editorial content with sections such as weather from A to Z and climate. It is more in line with current events in France and around the world and allows users to put the forecast into perspective with information on meteorological and climatic phenomena. Finally, it offers the public the opportunity to deepen their knowledge by offering magazine content, interviews with experts … and helps to popularize knowledge through infographics.

Many features have been added:

• The establishment of a search bar to select cities, beaches, mountain resorts … but also editorial articles according to the words chosen by the user.

• Direct access to social media pages, including the Météo-France Indian Ocean Facebook page

• The addition of a “notification bell” that allows Météo-France to communicate about events or news.

• The incorporation of a bookmark bar (very soon in operation on the Meeting site, already active on the Mayotte site): the bookmark bar allows the Internet user to have direct access on your favorite pages but also have direct visibility on the weather. and if the site is under surveillance.

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