In Quimper, big boost to the electric car – Quimper

“We sold 208 more electrics in March than 208 thermal ones. This is the first time this has happened,” said Emmanuel Nédélec, commercial manager of the Route de Brest concession in Quimper. out of ten customers pushing the door of this establishment are interested in a hybrid or electric model.

Electricity comes into use. Included for a non-purely urban population.

At Kerdroniou Volkswagen, Benoît Bonnot confirms that the electric car market has been growing for two or three years. It refers to the small city car. Tax aid is an important part of this. “But for the past few weeks, people have noticed,” he said, estimating a 5% increase in demand. “It simply came to our notice then. The issue of vehicle autonomy is less prohibitive. Sentiment confirmed by Maxime Hémon, sales representative of Peugeot in Fouesnant: “Electricity is becoming a common practice. Including for a population that is not purely urban ”.

“I do not see more people coming to push the door of the concession. But visitors are on electricity, ”said Stéphane Garçonnat, a Hyundai salesman who said he saw a + 20% increase in the sales rate. “The first argument that drives them is clearly the price of fuel.”

But the transfer of sales volume from thermal vehicles to hybrid or all-electric models is shared by the dealers we interviewed.

LOA or buy

According to the interlocutors, the most common acquisition formula is the purchase with option to purchase (LOA). Paying a monthly rent, the amount of which is contractually fixed, is often simpler than mobilizing large capital at first. It remains to properly assess the terms of the LOA. In particular, the expected number of miles in a year. But also the conditions for the return of the vehicle at the end of the rental. Don’t forget then that you become a “captive” customer of the brand.

For the purchase, the aid is based on the price of the vehicle (taxes included). “The premium can reach up to 6,000 euros for an individual within the limit of 27% of the total price. But from 1 July the aid will be reduced by € 1,000. The maximum amount will be increased to 5,000 euros for individuals.

Up to eight months of waiting

But whatever the mode of acquisition of the vehicle, delivery times are the big problem today. If the model you want is not in the fleet, it is long, hybrid, or fully electric. “Two to three months,” says Peugeot Quimper for one of its three models. “Six to eight months” according to the VW model, which admits to having difficulty meeting demand: “I would have fifteen cars in the fleet, I think I would sell them.” Traces of a health crisis that has taken over the component supply chain. Mostly electronics. And what has been emerging for a few days now in terms of health in China is not reassuring.

Slow development of the second hand electricity market

The blow to the electric car market, a commercial for Maxime Hémon by Peugeot Fouesnant, measures it differently: “We had a Zoe used in the park for a few months: zero touch. The car was sold a few days ago after a single contact.

Because, it is another fact of the electric today, the second hand market does not exist. “Not before one or two years,” according to observers such as Jean-Luc Gloanec, one of Quimper’s specialists in used vehicles in Quimper. “We are not there yet. These vehicles are still difficult to sell. However, we cannot afford to keep them in the park for three or four months. There is also the risk that the model will become obsolete, not to mention the batteries are no longer entirely new. ”In the face of rising fuel prices, he says he has witnessed“ an increase in requests for a change to ethanol ”.

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