How to use lemon peels in the garden and at home? More than 10 unexpected applications!

Did you know that lemon zest is more beneficial to health than its pulp? So why throw it away? Don’t make that mistake again and learn how to reuse it. In this article you will find many ideas for different applications of this citrus, from the garden to the kitchen. So stay tuned for more information on how to use lemon peels.

Lemon peel contains a lot of fiber and vitamin C, calcium, potassium and magnesium. It is rich in antioxidants and contains all the essential oils of the fruit. So don’t waste all these bioactive compounds. Choose one (or more) of the following methods to reuse.

Recipe with lemon peel

how to make candied lemon peel with white chocolate

To benefit from the nutrients from the lemon zest, it must be cooked. Here’s an easy and very popular recipe you can make for your afternoon snack. It will surely refresh you and increase your energy.

Candied lemon peel : Ingredients :

4 organic lemons
600 g of sugar, divided
120 g white or dark chocolate (optional)

easy idea of ​​fresh citrus dessert


  1. Cut the lemon into slices, remove the pulp and, with a small, sharp spoon, scrape off the hard, fibrous parts of the inner peel, leaving a thin layer of white on the skin. Then cut the skins into thin strips and let them boil in water for 30 minutes. Drain the peels and boil them again in fresh water. This will eliminate the bitter taste.
  2. After draining, it is time to sweeten them. To do this, boil them in 1 liter of water + 500 g of sugar. Let simmer for 40 to 50 minutes. When they are a little transparent, remove them and place them on parchment paper. The syrup can be used to prepare lemonades and different cocktails.
  3. At the end, dip the crusts in sugar until they are covered or let them dry overnight and dip them in melted chocolate.

homemade lemon peel infusion

Here’s how to make one lemon extract homemade. All you need is lemon and vodka. Grate the skins of 18 lemons (only the yellow part) and soak them with 1.75 l of vodka. Shake the bottles every 2 or 3 days and in a month you will have the perfect ingredient for your summer drinks and desserts.

recipe with lemon peel

If you want to add a fresh flavor to your salads, you can add a touch of lemon. But you can also use them to make olive oil with lemon infusion. For this you will need 4 lemons (only the yellow part of the grater) + 480 ml of olive oil. Boil them for 15 minutes over low heat, then strain the grater and you’re done! Don’t forget to store it in the fridge.

creative way to plant in the spring.  Easter gift idea with lemon peel

Citrus peel is the perfect pot for your flowers and herbs. When they’ve grown up, tie a ribbon around it and you’ll have the perfect spring gift for your friends. Because it is biodegradable, it can be planted directly in a larger container or in the garden. In addition, lemon peels on the ground have the ability to repel cats that often dig in the garden.

using citrus peels at home with lemon peels

In addition to its culinary and gardening uses, lemon peel is also valued for its cleansing properties. Therefore, you can make a natural homemade cleanser by mixing about 300 g of lemon peel with 400 ml of white vinegar. Store in a closed jar and let stand for two weeks in a cool, dry place. Then fill the liquid in a spray bottle and it is ready to use.

Domestic pests hate citrus fruits. So if you want to get rid of it, make an infusion of lemon water (like the cleanser, but instead of vinegar, use water). Then spray the corners of your house.

homemade scented envelopes with citrus peels and herbs use lemon peels

Place a few lemon peels in the bottom of the bins to help eliminate odors and kill harmful bacteria.

Lemon peel restores shine to copper and chrome. So, it is a good way to polish your kitchen utensils and equipment.

Do you smell bad in your bathroom, kitchen, closet, refrigerator, or shoe closet? Refresh the air in your home with homemade aroma envelopes. You can also add some herbs and spices to double the effect.


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