Homophobia: A teacher convicted by the judiciary, noted the inaction of National Education

Victim of harassment since 2014 after being “excluded” by a colleague from a Montpellier high school, a teacher tries another call on the state to get a reaction from him. The comrade, since he was sentenced by the courts, still works in the same establishment as him.

The situation has been going on for eight years, and I feel abandoned by my hierarchy., deplores France Bleu Pierre *, which decided to attack the state in the administrative court of Montpellier for what it considers shortcomings on its part. Because ?

Treated several times “queer” by another teacher in front of the students

It all started eight years ago, in 2014. At that time, a Spanish teacher, with whom the teacher of a high school in Perpignan had a class in common, revealed Pierre’s homosexuality to his students. Several of them testified in court that the professor called him several times “queer” and that she designated Peter’s class as a being “the queer room”. Pierre finds out about another classmate, to whom the surprised students complain.

And the story does not end here as the words of the teacher then run through the establishment, with its share of gossip among students within it and also on social media.

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Consequences: Pierre twice discovered insulting tags in one of the doors of his car, parked in the school car park, in 2016 and 2017. Also in 2017, an anonymous homophobic letter was left in his high school locker, followed by a second one, this time at his home. “Suppose you’re a fagot!” the intimate in particular the mail. Finally, Pierre’s niece, educated at another school in Perpignan, is even asked if she is really part of the family of the “professor maric de [nom du lycée]“.

Pierre, deeply affected by this story of which he does not see the end, ends up having to take a long leave to recover.

Justice condemns, National Education postpones

Faced with the effervescence of which he is the object, Pierre also decides to file a complaint in 2017 against X for “moral harassment and provocation to discrimination.” The investigation, however, is ongoing.

As for her partner, the court sentenced her in 2019 to 4,000 euros in damages, considering that there was “will to hurt” and that his behavior was “contradicts what is expected of an educator”.

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To this day, despite the recognition of the facts by the courts, a reaction from the National Education is still expected. Pierre points out in particular that by the time he himself had sent a report to the rectory of the Montpellier academy, he had discovered that none of the homophobic acts that had directed him had been raised by his hierarchy. . Only a rethinking letter was sent to the Spanish teacher, in which she was asked “to take a position in the future in accordance with [ses] obligations of the teacher.

However, in 2017 an internal administrative investigation had been concluded “that it would be desirable in the interest of the service to transfer the teaching staff in order to recover a serene atmosphere for teachers and students”. The same story of the Advocate in 2021, judging by the reaction of the administration “insufficient”adding this “The administration should have initiated, as soon as it became aware of the disputed facts, a disciplinary proceeding against the professor, which would have avoided giving the impression of trivialization of the facts reported.”

“Homophobia was trivialized in high school”

And the story is still far from over. “Students have not received any awareness and Pierre is still facing his torturer in the classroom”regrets David Malazoué, vice president of the homophobic SOS association, with stubbornness.

“I am sorry for the young people who are facing this type of attack while they are in the midst of building their identity. I held out hope for a long time, I had confidence in my administration, the values ​​of which I believed I shared. But they trivialized homophobia in high school.he confides in Pierre to BFMTV, who no longer expects anything from the administration, only in the hope of finally being able to find a serene work environment.

* Name has been changed.

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