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You have adopted a disabled cat motor or neurological. How to accompany him because he live life to the fullest ? Here are our tips for the best support for your disabled cat.

What are the different disabilities of the cat?

This tabby cat has only three legs Credit: ESezer

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The owner of a disabled cat often reserves, for love, a not inconsiderable part of his time and money for his pet. Like humans, cats with disabilities need personalized support. You need to know how to act if you want your pet to live in peace, despite its disability.

Any living thing can be born disability. Disability can also occur during life, for example after an incident. In France, there has been a high rate of animal abuse. Abused animals always show disabilities.

Many reasons can be in theorigin of animal disability. The cat may be disabled from the embryonic stage or after a difficult birth. You may also have a disability during an incident or medical error or an act of cruelty. These are the most common abnormalities in cats:

  • Baby Swim Syndrome: The hind legs are very far apart. Therefore, the cat has to crawl to move, because its paws cannot support it;
  • Paralysis: can be caused by a severe fall or neurological problems and often affects the hind legs;
  • Blindness: may appear from birth or as a result of a domestic incident;
  • Deafness: white cats with blue eyes are the most affected by this anomaly;
  • Limb amputation: most often occurs after a traffic incident;
  • Cerebellar hypoplasia: The development of the cerebellum is poor. This disease can be contracted during pregnancy;
  • Ataxia: Causes balance disorders and therefore gait disorders.

Keep in mind that cat vaccination should be done in time before planning a pregnancy. You can neuter your pets if you don’t want to raise them.

Cat with a disability: how to best support them?

A one-eyed cat sitting on a terrace Credit: Émilie Billaudel

People living in the presence of a disabled cat or dog adapt the home environment to the needs of your little protégé. There are several solutions to help you overcome your disability and make your life easier.

For the disabled

Know that the blind cats or deaf people develop their other senses to be able to communicate with their owners.

The blind cat needs fixed milestones. So be careful not to change the layout of your shelter and the furniture in your home. Your food and water bowls should also be easily accessible. If you want to hug or cuddle him, you should always talk to him before touching him.

For deaf throat, it’s harder to communicate with him because he doesn’t listen to you. Always face it before you do anything. Make simple signs to show you the milestones very quickly.

In any case, a deaf or blind cat should not be left unattended.

For motor disabilities

A kitten with ataxia cannot walk. However, you can be self-sufficient if you offer the means. Recommended:

  • To facilitate access to the shelter, the tray and the bowls;
  • Lay a carpeted floor to keep the cat from slipping;
  • Offer him a good quality and balanced diet to avoid being overweight;
  • Perform in certain cases, a medical treatment to oxygenate the brain;
  • Play well with your partner to stimulate him.

He paralyzed cats or who have had an amputation need help with their daily care, but also to get around. You must:

  • Use a wheelchair to help you walk;
  • Adapt the environment to help you access your bed, go up and down steps, etc.
  • Remove lifeless hair with a brush for daily cleaning;
  • The cleaning of your eye is done with a compress soaked in physiological saline. For the ears, the care is done with a suitable product and cotton;
  • Cut the tip regularly if the claws are long.
  • Start rehabilitating a young cat early with a professional practice to teach him how to walk.

There is also an association that helps abandoned cats with disabilities. She cares for them and looks for adopters.

Do not forget that cats with disabilities require a great need for benevolence, kindness, play and above all interaction with their owners.

What are the essential equipment and accessories for a disabled cat?

A blind cat sitting in a meadow Credit: Lightspruch

There is a wide selection on the market accessories and equipment for disabled cats at engine level. For example, you will find a wheelchair in specialized places. A wide range of pet products is at your disposal if you want to adopt a disabled kitten.

These products have been designed to facilitate the rehabilitation and daily life of these animals. This is the case:

  • An access ramp to be placed on the stairs;
  • Folding and escalators for cats that can’t jump on the couch;
  • From the wheelchair or the walking aid cart to help the paralyzed cats from behind to walk;
  • Cat socks to prevent slipping and to be easily moved around the apartment or house.

What to do if a cat is suddenly paralyzed?

This blind tabby cat is playing with a paper ball Credit: ALEXEI BEZROUKOV

He leg paralysis the back of the pussy can have several causes. It can be a disease or trauma that causes progressive or sudden paralysis. After a fall, a crash, an incident, your cat may become paralyzed. Whatever the situation, you need to start treatment quickly with a specialist and seek their advice. He can guide you through the details of your pet’s rehabilitation and therapy.

If the paralysis is sudden, but not caused by trauma

He sudden paralysis of the hind legs of your cat is a very urgent situation that requires treatment as soon as possible. You need to transport your cat to a veterinarian using a rigid support so that it does not move too much.

Therefore, emergency treatment with shock control, pain management and appropriate therapy according to the cause of the paralysis are needed. Your veterinarian will then perform x-rays, echocardiography, and chest auscultation.

If it is a paralysis due to trauma

In this case, the intervention of a specialist on site is the ideal solution. So don’t handle the cat. Calm it down and cover it up. However, your veterinarian cannot intervene near you. Slide your kitten onto a rigid support or board. Grasp the spine so as not to aggravate any injuries. Bring it quickly and don’t give anything away to your cat.

Will your cat be able to walk again? It all depends on the origin of paralysis. Injuries are more or less serious if they are caused by a shock.

Be aware that a shock can compress the spinal cord. If its resorption is faster, the lesion may disappear. Thus, your cat should regain its locomotor function. On the other hand, if your spinal cord is compressed and injured, your feline is unlikely to walk again.

Essential Tips for Raising a Disabled Cat

This cat’s left eye is damaged Credit: Andrei310

Your companion needs your full attention when injured. In particular, you must use a medical equipment for cats (protective collars, access ramps, etc.) to keep it in the best condition during its treatment. This equipment is essential to prevent you from chewing your bandages.

To make your cat’s day-to-day life easier and to live in peace, it is essential to order your environment according to your disability. This provision consists of:

  • Place a rug or rug in the places most frequented by your little companion to limit the risk of falls and slips;
  • Facilitate the animal’s access to its bowls, basket and sand.

The owner of a invalid cat you have to get involved on several levels to make life more enjoyable for your little partner. To help, take care of your companion many times a day:

  • Bring her bowls so she doesn’t have to move;
  • Take it to the trash can;
  • Install an access ramp so you can go down and up more easily;
  • Accompany it in your garden or in a public park to smell it and get some fresh air.

If you live with a blind or deaf throat, some precautions need to be taken. Your approach should not surprise, frighten, or put you in a state of permanent stress.

Never let a cat go alone if it is blind or deaf. You must always accompany him so that he is well protected from possible dangers.

So always play with your cat. He needs a close relationship with members of his host family, no matter how difficult it may be. Like all other cats, he has created very strong bonds with his owner. Of course, signs of affection are crucial for you to enjoy a sweeter life.

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