Browser: When Microsoft forces you to launch Edge

VIDEO. The arrival of the new browser may have been a good story, but the abusive practices of the Windows publisher are tarnishing its release.

By Guerric Poncet

In parallel with its major update to Windows 10, version 2004, Microsoft decided to roll out the new version of its Edge browser, a competitor to Chrome, Firefox and other Safari, in June. Replacing Internet Explorer, this software, previously based on its own system, has been redesigned around Chromium, that is, with the same base as Google’s browser, which finally allows it to show excellent performance. . But this release is running out, Microsoft is trying to force the hand of Windows users.

Instead of offering the software to its customers and leaving them free to try it out, in fact, the publisher has decided to show it automatically when Windows launches a window that cannot be closed, in which the only possible option is “holding hands” Edge. No button to say no, or to exit: the user is forced to discover software that he has never requested. As if that weren’t enough, Microsoft forces you to add the Edge icon to your taskbar and desktop, and notifications appear.

Data sucking

Some users testify to their mishaps: one claims to have accidentally deleted Office (the suite that includes Word, Excel, etc.) while trying to get rid of Edge, while another claims to have decided to install Linux the same day. get rid of windows.

Worse, in some cases, even stopping the process as soon as it appears, Edge automatically imports personal data. Several testimonials in the Reddit forum report that Firefox bookmarks, for example, appear on Edge before the user has authorized their import. “Like other browsers, Microsoft Edge allows its users to import data during installation,” said a Microsoft spokesman, who confirmed that the data is automatically sucked in, but that the user can delete and then deny the import. Use your personal data and then, in a second step, ask for permission to do so: this is a very curious way to proceed …

Our advice: when the Edge window appears, click “take over”, this will show a second window, this time with a cross at the top right that will allow you to exit. For most geeks, you can also use the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) to stop Edge, but Microsoft warns that this action could prevent the browser from deleting the personal data it has automatically imported. There is no way out!

Small market shares

Formerly the emperor of the web with the first versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft had been pushed by Firefox, Mozilla’s free browser, and later dethroned by Chrome, the browser developed by Google to promote its own services. Microsoft is desperately trying to regain market share with Edge, released in 2015, which today reaches 3% worldwide market share (Chrome / Google: 64%, Safari / Apple: 18%, Firefox / Mozilla: 4 %).

Already condemned by the European Commission for not respecting the freedom of choice of the browser in its operating system, the Redmond giant always seems to want to take advantage of Windows to impose options on users. At a time when the dominance of the star operating system is being shaken by Apple products, Android devices, or even gaming consoles and other connected TVs, I don’t know if this is a payment strategy.

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