Beaten, drone, average … Ludivine is ready to do anything to find her cat near Dieppe

Near Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), Ludivine is desperately looking for her cat and is willing to do anything to find it. (© Dieppoises Information)

AT Petit-Appeville (Seine Maritime)since March 7, 2022, Ludivine Demarest is looking for her gat To dream.

me ‘animal companion has disappeared into the village and since then, his mistress has been doing everything to find him.

What to do when you lose your pet?

Many owners report the disappearance of their four-legged pet. But if it happens to you tomorrow, what should you do?
You can start by declaring the disappearance in the SPA or the pound of your municipality. If your pet is identified, please notify the I-CAD, the identification of domestic carnivores, on its website or by telephone. You can file a loss report with the police station or gendarmerie in your municipality or the city or town where the animal disappeared.
Through advertising, social networks allow greater visibility, in Pet Alert, pages specializing in animals … but also through Facebook groups and local pages. You can alert local veterinarians, distribute posters at shops, residents’ mailboxes, and more.
You can also place a paid classified ad with dieppoise information. Either by calling the secretariat on 02 35 84 11 83 or by mail by filling out the classified ads in your newspaper which will be sent to 8, rue Claude-Groulard 76 374 Dieppe.

The little ball of hair, light gray, tabby and white, is used to going out, but it never gets very far from home.

She is used to sleeping at home every night. This is no longer the case since his disappearance.

The steps began very quickly

Ludivine is an animal lover and works at the SPA. He has six dogs and seven cats.

Like Rêve, most of them survived a certain death. For the young woman and her mother, they are not just animals, “they are members of the family. The croquette budget is more expensive than my food budget, ”admits Ludivine.

Very quickly, starting Tuesday, March 8, the Seinomarine began posting posts on social media with her number and a photo of her cat.

Videos: currently on Actu

The Hautotaise then did a round of vets, said Dream Lost on I-CAD, identifying domestic carnivores.

He also contacted the city council, the DDE, the Departmental Facilities Directorate, and even the web

But that’s not all, he also printed pamphlets which he distributed to many mailboxes in the village and surrounding shops.

He also posted in each publication the announcement of the disappearance of his animal.

When we love, we don’t count

Ready to do anything to find Rêve, Ludivine even called a medium who would have told her she would be locked up somewhere. With the permission of her neighbors, she and her mother searched several buildings, including cellars and trash.

“For five hours with my friends, we even went hunting on Sundays. We were seven, ”he says.

A few days ago he bought a drone for more than € 600.

“I looked at the level of the pipes, the corridors. With the drone, I fly over hard-to-reach places, the river bank … ”

What you need to knowUpdated 2 minutes ago

Next to Berneval-le-Grand, a gray short-tailed Cane Corso, Lizy, disappeared in 2020. Despite the passage of time, Martine Butelet, a friend of the owners, invests herself daily in the hope of finding his trail: signs hung everywhere, pamphlets, a tour of the vets, a statement to the I-CAD, a complaint filed with the gendarmerie of the Tréport, contacts with a media. Today, the owners are even ready to offer a reward of € 3,000!

Ludivine is still hopeful

At the moment, Ludivine only sleeps three to four hours a night. When he has free time, he only devotes himself to research.

And to increase your chances of finding your cat, you are considering installing a thermal camera in your drone.

“But they told me it was one more zero in the price of the drone, I can’t afford it …”

The young woman even says she is willing to offer a reward: “Even if she’s not a millionaire, I’ll give her something.”

He is soon thinking of putting up signs in other towns and other shops.

Finally, he continues to post daily on social media:

I will not give up. If I have to return everything, I will. If I can’t find it, I don’t want to regret not trying it.

Practical: If you have information about Rêve, you can call 06 27 17 80 11 or 06 15 41 83 24.

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