At the Nathalie Arthaud Institute in Aubervilliers, students vote … Mélenchon

After surveying the students of two prestigious Parisian institutes, Marianne he wanted to interview those who follow his course in a disadvantaged area. At the Le Corbusier Institute and the Jean-Pierre Timbaud Vocational Training Institute in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), one of the poorest cities in France, the presidential election seems far from the first concern. But some point to the social and economic difficulties of the environment in which they operate. In this popular neighborhood, the French rebel candidate is doing well.

Thus, in front of the doors of the Le Corbusier Institute, the bright red dominates. Only the posters of three candidates are present: the communist Fabien Roussel, the rebel Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and of course the star of the house: Nathalie Arthaud, professor of economics at the institute before she was the candidate of Workers’ Struggle (LO) in the upcoming presidential election.

At Le Corbusier, Mélenchon bends Arthaud

At the end of the morning, Alfmay is the first to leave class. He admits that he he would have voted for his former teacher, because a few years ago he helped him a lot in his efforts. But Alfamy is not yet regularized. And, unfortunately for Nathalie Arthaud, no one is a prophet in her country, not even an internationalist. The hearts of first-time voters at this public high school have turned upside down for candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “ He’s effective, he says things, and I like the way he talks Says Alexandre, 19, a BTS CPRP (Product Production Process Design) student who is training for careers in the industry. His teammate Mounir, meanwhile, will not go. ” they probably don’t vote, unless it’s Zemmour who approves “.

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Originally from the neighboring town of La Courneuve, Sadida, 19, in BTS (TC) technical-commercial, will also vote the candidate of the popular union. ” He is better than others on television, in debates. I also think he wants to raise salaries, talk a lot about students and want to keep retiring at 60 “Her friend Amir came from Pakistan in 2008 when she was 12. She was based in Villetaneuse and became aware of the inequalities in France and found that” the country is struggling economically and financially “His father had been able to find work as a painter, but unfortunately an illness prevented him from working today.” Ever since he played RSA. But he could not do a training or something like the one proposed by Macron “Jean-Luc Mélenchon decided to vote. ” I saw him on TikTok and Instagram, he speaks well and he touches people in his day to day life continues Amir.

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Other students at the Le Corbusier Institute assume that they are not at all worried about the upcoming elections. Linda, in the STMG (management and administration) terminal, as Manda in BTS support for managerial action, will not vote. ” Not all presidents keep their word “Manda laments. Martin, also at the STMG terminal, is facing a difficult choice:” Doubt between Zemmour and Mélenchon. His parents came to France. they benefited from the aid, so much the better for us. But I understand when Zemmour says he wants to favor the French in France “Then the young man takes his girlfriend to work, who points out that she doesn’t understand this hesitation given her background:” Martin explains. Would you also like the President of Mali to favor the Malians? Well it’s the same “But Martin recognizes that Eric Zemmour is.” often extreme »And that Mélenchon, has« good ideas, especially for students and young people “.

Hope in the middle of nowhere

In one of the arteries of Aubervilliers, in front of the Jean-Pierre Timbaud vocational school, groups of teenagers gather on the sidewalk, shortly before the resumption of classes. Most of them do not understand what is at stake in the presidential election or do not know that elections will be held in a few days. A large number of young people of foreign origin interviewed do not speak French well enough to formulate a clear answer. In environmental precariousness, the presidential election completely overshadows the concerns of these students with their idle eyes.

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But an electrical vocational training group still agrees to testify. Mouti, 19, who arrived from Bangladesh in 2014, expresses dismay at the insecurity that sometimes reigns in Aubervilliers: Here, after midnight, you can’t walk, I wish there were more police here to catch people doing anything “He will vote blank because he does not identify with any of the candidates. Adam admits that he will vote for Macron for the Ukrainian war, but he believes that economic issues are the most important:” I wanted to do a CFA [Centre de formation d’apprentis] but with the pandemic, I couldn’t, so I got here and now I’m paid Pôle emploi “Youssouf will also put a Macron ballot in the ballot box for” his youth for the help he tries to offer to young people who are about to start working “Ibrahim will vote for the current president for the training grants he has launched during his five-year term, but he also says he likes Mélenchon as well.” because he wants to raise the minimum wage “.

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