What is the value of the great hybrid sedan?

Slightly remodeled in April 2021, the great Lexus ES is fairly confidential in our marketplace. This luxurious cousin of the Toyota Camry spent a few days in the parking lot of the newsroom, in order to discover the few changes made.

TEST Lexus ES (2022) – Discover our laptop at the wheel of the redesigned Lexus ES, only available in Europe in a hybrid version of 300 h of 218 hp. Strengths, weaknesses, data sheet …

What is it about ?

The luxury variant of the Toyota Camry, especially loved by Americans but also by our taxi drivers in France. The big Japanese sedan is relatively unknown to us, as it has only been on the market since 2019 with the seventh generation. It is only offered as a non-rechargeable hybrid, from € 51,690.

Lexus ES Preliminary Tests:

Test, Lexus ES 300h: doctor ES comfort


Finished: impeccable presentation, with leather (black, camel, beige, brown or red) and wood (walnut brown or black) or aluminum inserts. Grateful materials on the board and nice controls to have on hand. Some hard plastics at the bottom of the doors but nothing unacceptable.

Position and ergonomics: good range of electric seat and steering column adjustment, despite the somewhat short seats. The control panel worked but with buttons. Basically, a button = a function. Touch pad on the center console relatively difficult to understand, the cursor does not always go to the menu we want and prefer to use the touch screen directly.

Space on board: Very generous room at the back, perfect for carrying passengers with great comfort. They can adjust the air conditioning from a specific control panel to the center armrest.

Storage and trunk: Lots of storage on the front, except for the rather small door containers. Trunk volume of 454 liters, generous and deep despite a fairly narrow opening.

Connectivity: huge center screen (12.3 inches), touch screen and compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. From the restyling, it is a little closer to the driver and oriented towards him.

Comfort and pleasure

Amortization: high level of comfort, even on uneven slopes and bumpy roads. Speed ​​bumps are barely noticeable.

Address: Appreciable sense of direction, good compromise in consistency between lightness in the city and precision on the road, even if the car is not designed to be very dynamic and is rather appreciated in smooth driving.

Engine / transmission approval: Nice engine, good climbs thanks to the hybrid system and starts in electric mode most of the time, up to about 20 km / h in general. The E-CVT box always grinds a bit, which disturbs the feeling of speed as the engine rumbles. But once at a stabilized speed, it is more discreet.

Soundproofing: Good soundproofing thanks to laminated glass and good air penetration coefficient (0.28).


Equipment: Lots of equipment in the tested executive finish, including an advanced 360-degree panoramic camera system, heated and ventilated electric seats, a Mark & ​​Levinson audio system with 17 speakers … Mirrors of camera, offered as an option at € 2,000, at the price on the other hand, were less convincing. Its 2000s TomTom-style GPS integration looks outdated and the picture quality doesn’t live up to it. In addition, they do not contribute much in terms of security, with regular zoom and zoom that disturb the landmarks in space.

Consumption: 6.5 liters recorded on a route that mixes mainly urban and secondary roads, with a bit of highway at the end.

Rewards and bonuses / penalties: unused vehicle (119 to 127 g) by 2022, just at the limit. Relatively affordable selling price (just over € 50,000) but more expensive than its cousin Toyota Camry (from € 39,850), which offers similar services and a similar engine.

Our opinion

We love

  • Worked aspect that does not go unnoticed
  • Interior finishes
  • Comfort and silence
  • Nice hybrid engine …

We love each other less

  • … Trapped by the constant noise of the E-CVT box
  • Disposable camera mirrors (€ 2,000 optional)
  • Ergonomics are sometimes complicated, especially due to the touch pad


With its premium positioning and a size of about 5 meters, the Lexus ES is aimed at the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class. But its only non-rechargeable hybrid engine in Europe differentiates it and allows it to offer equipment to a best price. interesting than plug-in hybrid sedans. However, its cousin Toyota Camry offers similar services for an even lower price. It remains to be seen whether the refinements offered by Lexus seem essential to you or not.

Technical file

Lexus ES 300h hybrid 218 hp Executive

Price (from): € 51,690

Average consumption (l) manufacturer / during the test: 5.2 / 6.5

Engine: 4 cylinders, 16 valves, 2487 cc

Transmission: on the front wheels, automatic type E-CVT (variable continuously electronically controlled)

Power: 218 hp

Engine torque: 221 Nm

0-100 km / h: 8.9 s

Top speed: 180 km / h (electronically limited)

Weight (kg): 1680 to 1740

Length (m): 4.98

Maleter (l): 454

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