Top Tips For Selling Your Clothes On The Internet!

Do you no longer like a certain sweater or do you just no longer fit? So it’s time to take out your smartphone, because selling your old clothes online has never been easier than it is today, thanks to resale websites and clothing sales applications which allow to do benefits while sitting comfortably on your couch.


Also, if you try clutter your closetGiving away or reselling your clothes is the best option for you Environmental protection. Because true sustainable fashion is second hand fashion. So why not reduce your carbon footprint while you earn? some money additional?

Take quality photos from different angles

Turned on Twenty, Leboncoin or any other resale platform, it is important to pay attention to these few details to make a good sale. For starters, since potential buyers don’t get a chance to see your clothes before you buy them, it’s a good idea to give them a good virtual preview of the item in question so that it’s easier to understand. . buy. Remember to take Images in good light, preferably on a neutral background, capturing views of the piece from the front and back, and even from the sides if necessary. Also be sure to include a photo of the label showing the brand and size of the item.

Use hashtags to increase the visibility of your ad

Some sites like Vinted and Depop allow you to use hashtags in the article description. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of this feature: by hashtag keywords about current trends, article colors, and so on. Using hashtags will help make your ads more visible to other users. And the more views, the better!

Set a price to sell, not to make a fortune

When setting the price of your items, consider a potential buyer. Ask yourself what price you might charge for this item, including shipping costs. If you offer a low enough price, buyers will feel Make a good deal and you will not hesitate to buy the item.

Include as much information as possible in the title

No need to put too much information in the description, go for the essentials! Most buyers do not necessarily have the time or inclination to read a very long description, even if it is well written. It is better to put as much information as possible in the title (The brand + type + color of the piece), because it is the first thing that potential buyers read before being interested in the article.

Be sensitive and get there on time

Potential buyers often have questions about the items you sell: do they fit correctly? Itchy wool? Are you ready to negotiate the price? Responding quickly to questions and requests for information will increase your chances of closing an illico-presto sale. Once the item is sold, be sure to take it to the post office in a few days. This will make your buyers happy and make them more likely to leave you with a positive review, which will give you a good image with future buyers.

Stay tuned for trends

To make sure you get good deals and successful sales, remember this current trends. Fortunately for your clothes, fashion trends are cyclical and keep coming back. We see it for the current popularity clothes from the 2000s.

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