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According to the latest study by the nPerf barometer, Orange is leading mobile internet connections in 2021 in the West Indies-Guyana, despite a slowdown in the overall performance of major telephone operators.

Based on tests conducted by users of the nPerf mobile application in the West Indies in Guyana in 2021, nPerf has just published its latest study on “Mobile Internet in French Guiana and the West Indies”.

In general, the barometer indicates “a context of deceleration of performance, in 2021, in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana. streaming decreases ”.

According to nPerf, in this scenario, Orange “stands out clearly”, maintaining or increasing its comfortable advantage over its competitors, except perhaps in Martinique.

“In anticipation of the arrival of 5G, or a more pronounced use of 4G + technology in these territories, all the main indicators give Orange an advantage, and the horizon does not seem to darken for the year 2022: SFR remains its first challenger, and Digicel is slowing down with performance and performance well below average expectations.

Vhere are the details by territory.


Apart from the success rate, awarded to SFR Caraïbe, and web browsing, gained in the same way as the latter, the heir of France Telecom shows superiority in almost all aspects, and establishes its dominance in Martinique mobile internet, notes nPerf.

Ranking Martinique – nPerf

Like Guadalupe, this year overall performance has dropped to the island’s three main networks, SFR remains in second place in the nPerf ranking and Digicel sinks by yielding more than 16,000 points.

Orange subscribers benefited from the best average download speed (70.50 Mb / s) in 2021. Orange clears all competition in this statistic, as it is almost

twice as close as its nearest rival, SFR Caribbean.

Speeds downstream Martinique – nPerf


Winner in all major indicators, Orange repeats its victory in Guadeloupe, slightly lowering its performance.

Ranking Guadalupe – nPerf

In fact, all operators are losing points on the nPerf score in 2021, but Orange is better off with this drop by giving up 7,000 points, compared to SFR’s 11,500 and Digicel’s 15,500. SFR Caraïbe remains in second place, nevertheless gaining, as usual, the 4G connection rate.

Digicel falls sharply and is placed offside, below 40,000 points.

Orange subscribers benefited from the best average download speed (54.31 Mb / s) in 2021.

Guadalupe Downstream Speeds – nPerf

In Guyana

The phenomenon is repeated in French Guiana. For the third year in a row, Orange ends up winning, at the head of all the statistics studied with the exception of latency, which is more satisfactory in SFR, notes nPerf.

Ranking French Guiana – nPerf

As in the Caribbean, average latency, web browsing, and YouTube streaming in Guyana have generally declined. On the other hand, thanks to the SFR, the average speed increases significantly in this territory. The latter is still on the second step of the podium (it also shares the best 4G connection rate with Orange), and here Digicel also yields more than 11,000 points to complete any hope of catching up.

Orange subscribers benefited from the best average download speed (48.45 Mb / s) in 2021. Despite a very discreet annual increase (+0.7 Mb / s), Orange’s third consecutive victory , which surpasses its competitor SFR by 18 Mb / s.

Rates down – nPerf

Info +

Thus, during the year 2021, Internet users in Guadeloupe performed 18,918 nPerf tests, 21,236 in Martinique and 8,621 in French Guiana.

NPerf tests include performance testing, browsing, and streaming. All this allows nPerf to offer a panel-based study among the largest of these overseas departments and territories.

nPerf is a Lyon-based company independent of operators. Our goal is to allow users to measure

the quality of fixed and mobile Internet networks, as well as helping operators to improve their network.

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