The Buenaventura Regional Port Company, towards an integrated port development

Gustavo Florez Dulcey, General Director of the Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura, presents its organization whose will, in relation to the AIVP, is to work for the economic and social development of its city and region. Contributing to the reduction of social inequalities through concrete actions is the slogan of the director general, whose port company has created, through its foundation, a center of education and innovation for the sustainable development of the region..

The Buenaventura Regional Port Society is an active member of the AIVP

AIVP – You have just joined the AIVP. Can you tell other members of our international network how your business was born and what solutions you provide?

Gustavo Florez Dulcey, General Manager, Buenaventura Regional Port Society – The Buenaventura Port Company was established in 1993 to manage the Buenaventura Maritime Terminal. Today, 28 years after its creation, it asserts itself as an actor in the economic and social development of Buenaventura and the region.

We intend, through our activity, to continue acting for the city of Buenaventura, either to create jobs or to help reduce certain social inequalities through specific actions. With this in mind, we have become our mission to generate competitiveness and create value for our customers, partners and shareholders, offering first-class port services and logistics solutions, and promoting the full development of our human talent in a sustainable environment. sustainable. a climate of social responsibility. Therefore, we work day in and day out to be the number one partner for the integrated development of the entire region, contributing to the economy and employment and investing in social issues such as education through our Foundation.

AIVP – What were your reasons for becoming a member of AIVP and what do you expect from our global network?

Gustavo Florez Dulcey, General Manager – Aware of the advances in the port field and the close relationship between the city and the port, the SPB believes that it is time to take concrete measures to make Buenaventura the port city of tomorrow and the center of economic development. country. .

Thanks to the vision and recommendations of the AIVP, an expert in the implementation of the concept of port city in accordance with the principles of urban planning and sustainable development, we will be able to achieve our goal, which is to work in coordination with local authorities and agencies. public or private parties wishing to participate in the construction of a generally more competitive Pacific region.

On March 2, 2022, our new partner organized a forum dedicated to the city-port relationship, with the presence of the mayor of the city, Mr. Víctor Hugo Vidal, the general director of SPR Buenaventura, Sr. Gustavo Dulcey, the dean. of the University of the Pacific, Environmental Engineer, Mr. Arbin Valverde Solís, and José Sanchez, our AIVP 2030 Agenda Director, Projects and Contents, who presented examples of experiences in various contexts in order to inspire new actions.

© Buenaventura Regional Port Society
José Sánchez © Buenaventura Regional Port Society

In line with this future projection, we want Buenaventura, as a city, and its inhabitants to be involved in the port sector and make the most of it from a perspective of sustainable development and the common good.

AIVP – What do you think you can contribute to the AIVP?

Gustavo Florez Dulcey, General Manager – We have one of the largest multipurpose terminals in Colombia and the Pacific region. Our 28 years of experience have made our company a specialist in port handling that knows how to put technological progress at the service of its activities. In this sense, our contribution will undoubtedly be to present to the other partners the models of success and resilience in which we have relied to develop with the help of all our collaborators, without the which we could not work.

© Buenaventura Regional Port Society
© Buenaventura Regional Port Society

AIVP – Since its creation, the Regional Port Society of Buenaventura SA has included the protection of the environment and occupational health in its organic structure. This commitment is in line with Goal 10 of the AIVP 2030 Agenda “Restoring and Protecting Terrestrial or Aquatic Biodiversity in Port Cities and Regions”. Can you give us some examples to help us better understand the solutions you are developing?

Gustavo Florez Dulcey, General Manager – We know how important it is to preserve our water resources and the environment in general. That is why we work in coordination with different control bodies, such as the National Environmental Licensing Authority (ANLA), in charge of ensuring that projects, works or activities subject to license, permit or authorization comply with environmental regulations and contribute to the development. sustainable. of the country. This is how we express our commitment and work for the protection of biodiversity so that the Bay of Buenaventura continues to be a source of wonder, both nationally and internationally.

AIVP – Social responsibility is another key value for the AIVP. We have learned about the initiative being carried out in Buenaventura through the Center for Education and Innovation for Sustainable Development, a space that contributes to improving the quality of education and community development. Can you highlight the main aspects of this commitment and the objectives of the Port Company in this area?

Gustavo Florez Dulcey, General Manager – As mentioned, the overall development of the Buenaventura community is one of the main goals of the Buenaventura Port Society. In July 2021, we created, through our Foundation, the Bahía Buenaventura Educational and Innovation Center for Sustainable Development.

Buenaventura Bahía Buenaventura Education and Innovation Center for Sustainable Development © Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura
Buenaventura Bahía Buenaventura Education and Innovation Center for Sustainable Development © Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura

This gigantic project allows us to offer children and young people in Buenaventura an educational space that brings together in one place a whole set of elements capable of stimulating innovation and creativity, because we know that education is essential for the future of city ​​and its inhabitants.

This school, the result of a strategic plan defined in accordance with the economic and social needs of Buenaventura, has been the subject of an investment of more than 19 billion pesos (ie, 4.7 million dollars). which benefit 2,500 of our students. These educational tools are at your disposal to help you better prepare for your professional future.

Buenaventura Bahía Buenaventura Education and Innovation Center for Sustainable Development © Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura
Buenaventura Bahía Buenaventura Education and Innovation Center for Sustainable Development © Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura

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