Press Release – Sex Education Campaign Launched: The state has not been in school for 20 years. Candidates react!

However, in practice this is not the case and the whole population suffers the consequences. Through a series of micro sidewalks, Family Planning gives you the floor.

The findings are appalling and unanimous. Everyone expresses their deep interest in the subject, but also their ignorance. In the middle of the election campaign, the association whistles the end of the recess and asks the candidates to finally catch up. In 2001, the legislature made a good copy on sex education in schools, providing for 3 annual sessions, adapted to the age of the children, in school, university and high school. Since then, the public authorities have repeatedly reaffirmed the mandatory nature of these sessions. It seems to have taken the measure of what can generate adequate and quality sex education for society as a whole: improving the prevention and reduction of risks in terms of sexual and reproductive health (unwanted pregnancies, STIs, HIV, etc. ), the fight against gender stereotypes, the fight against sexist and sexual violence, the fight against homophobic and transphobic discrimination, the promotion of equality between women and men … In short, we can consider that the state has validated the theoretical test.

However, when it comes to taking the practice test, this leaves something to be desired! A quarter of schools have not organized any sex education sessions. At the end of school, students had on average only a handful of sessions, instead of the 30 provided by law. And Sarah Durocher, co-chair of Family Planning, said: “Evaluation reports are rarely made public, and investigations follow one another. The results are not very good every time, with little or no improvement over time: insufficient and fragmentation of funding, failure of national management, strong territorial inequalities, quantity and quality of actions subject to the goodwill of the heads of establishment. ,… ”. He emphasizes that: “Metoo and the great national cause of the quinquennium will not have changed anything! The state, frankly, is not up to the task of implementation, with an obvious lack of political will.

Faced with this public failure, some French people are trying to fill their misunderstandings by looking for answers in family, porn, TV series, social media, with more or less relevant results. In retrospect, everyone points out how they would have liked to be better accompanied. Based on these observations, Family Planning is launching a national communication campaign to highlight the inadequacy of sex education courses and their consequences. Your method? He pulls the microphone on the French about sexuality, all social categories, genders, backgrounds, ages and practices combined. At the end, the campaign shows a series of funny, poignant and challenging reports about the French and sexuality.

Family Planning was accompanied by Odace to design and produce this device, and by a personality accustomed to speaking in a benevolent, direct and unfiltered way with his community: Enora Malagré. For distribution, in order to gain visibility and publicize the campaign, the content series is broadcast on social media and is based on a broad strategy of influence with media personalities and opinion leaders. Through this campaign, Family Planning calls on presidential candidates to commit to implementing the 2001 law by providing economic and political means. Family Planning is a popular education feminist movement that has been campaigning for more than 65 years for gender equality and the possibility of each person experiencing full sexuality, protected from unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Planning advocates for the right to sex education, contraception, abortion, and the fight against violence and discrimination related to gender and sexual orientation.

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