PHOTOS. Games, beer, workshops … the first dog bar in France has opened in Lorraine

A few months after its opening, the Doggy Bar already has regulars! (© Amandine Mehl / Lorraine News)

The dog paradise exists, and is located at 16 rue du Général Patton in Laneuveville-devant-Nancy. Open for a few months, the Doggy Bar welcomes those who are a little thirsty … as well as their four-legged friends.

Vanina, a true animal lover and manager of the place, embarked on this project more than three years ago. Since then, he has devoted much of his time to it.

The idea came to me overnight. I’ve always liked animals and I also enjoy going out for a drink with friends. After thinking about it, I said to myself, “why not combine the two,” that is, have a drink and have the chance to take your dog away if he is sociable.

VaninaBar manager for dogs

Bar for dogs and their humans

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, this is not a bar for dogs but a bar for dogs and their humans. In other words, Vanina has no hairballs, unlike the cat bar in Nancy, for example.

I often say it’s a bar for humans and dogs. Specifically, I don’t present dogs however, people who wish can come with their hair ball. As well as people who do not have a dog, but who like the presence of animals, are welcome.

VaninaBar manager for dogs

Here, therefore, no evening dress is required! It is not even recommended. On the other hand, as Vanina points out, it is essential that dogs entering the establishment are sociable. With other dogs, but also people they don’t know.

A whole space equipped for dogs

Inside the establishment, both in terms of decoration and equipment, everything revolves around the dog. But most of all, respect for the dog.

Here, the priority is respect for the dog. Children, for example, should not run or shout. All hairballs should be respected because, although they are all sociable, they may need some peace and quiet. The spaces where they can be removed are accessible and the music is never too loud so they don’t get disturbed.

VaninaBar manager for dogs

After asking for a few hugs, dogs, like kids in leisure areas, have a lot to vent on. In addition to toys, stuffed animals and intelligence games, an area has been fully enabled for them to have fun.

The cellar has been specially equipped for dogs.
The cellar has been specially equipped for dogs. (© Amandine Mehl / Lorraine News)

The old cellar houses balls, a ramp, as well as obstacles to practice slalom.

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dog beer

When the effort is over, the dogs will also be able to enjoy the bar. A la carte: water, individual sweets, but also beer (water flavored with beef or chicken, no alcohol and no bubbles), just to do as the masters do. Teachers who, as Vanina reminds us, do not forget and also have something to enjoy.

Above all, we must not forget that the establishment is a bar. Therefore, customers can also enjoy. We offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Small peculiarity: all our beers are on the subject of dog and wolf. People can also have a snack at the bar. We offer for example pancakes or cakes.

VaninaBar manager for dogs
After the effort, comfort!
After the effort, comfort! (Amandine Mehl / Lorraine News)

While the hairballs are fun, the teachers have the opportunity to play board games, all on the subject of the dog, or even read a book.

But more often than not, customers, who do not necessarily know each other, are bound by a common passion, and exchange with each other. Some, like their four-legged friends, have even become regulars here!

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