Meetings and exchanges with actors from education and the agricultural world

Agricultural education, a path to excellence

Jean-Michel Blanquer attended the 58th International Agricultural Show with Julien Denormandie to meet actors from the agricultural world and meet students in training at agricultural schools. Specifically, the counselor was able to attend a cooking workshop as well as a bread-making workshop in the presence of the students.

Public agricultural education employs qualified teachers and high school teachers in all disciplines of general, technical and vocational education.

Jean Michel bench and Julia Denormandie also mentioned the different means to raise awareness among young people about agriculture and its challenges, and the topic of entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector was discussed.

Raise awareness among young people about the agricultural world

Jean Michel bench and Julia Denormandia launched during this visit the operation “I love my farmers!” which aims to make the agricultural world better known in schools, colleges and institutes. This operation should strengthen the professions of agriculture, landscaping, forestry and agri-food, and take better account of issues related to education for sustainable development and food. These actions will take place from March 2022.

Operation “I love my farmers” focuses on three main objectives:

  • Better inform young people about training in agricultural education
    • The open days at the agricultural education centers will be organized on a date agreed with the neighboring general education centers;
    • Within the framework of the National Days of Agriculture (June 17, 18 and 19, 2022), a registration module will be established for schools and colleges for visits to farms of farmers participating in the exploitation and exploitation of agricultural schools;
    • The “L’Aventure du vivant” educational truck, present at the SIA, will continue its tour of France as soon as the Show closes.
  • To make students aware of living professions and their opportunities
    • Meetings will be organized within the schools and institutes with farmers who will come to explain their profession and their developments;
    • As part of the UNS sessions, agricultural operation discovery sequences will be conducted for some, in agricultural secondary schools in July 2022;
    • As part of the professional discovery courses, the reception of 3rd year scholarship holders on the farms of the institutes will be favored and a half-day orientation will be organized towards the agricultural and food professions in the destination of the services of academic information;
    • The #EmpresarisduLivant campaign continues to unfold, especially during the Agriculture Show with activities and conferences organized for young people and many other actions are carried out, for example the educational kit for teachers to discover the agricultural world;
    • The discovery of the service and sales professions prepared for agricultural education on the occasion of the Spring of Orientation; a webinar on reorienting solutions with “I believe in my difference”, etc.
  • Encourage education in taste and nutrition in the daily life of schools
    • A call for “orchards” projects will be organized in schools and institutes of general education with the possible support of industry professionals present at the local level to develop shared orchards co-managed by establishments and students;
    • Finally, each establishment will be invited to imagine an action in relation to the canteens of the establishments, highlighting the value of local producers and in particular through territorial food projects.

Find out more about “I love my farmers” operation.

Retrospective of Jean-Michel Blanquer’s visit to the International Agricultural Show

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