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Published on 30/03/2022 by PCF

The day after the national conference on the communist candidacy and after the vote of the members confirming that Fabien Roussel will wear the colors of the PCF in the presidential elections of April 10 and 24, 2022, the comrades of the Vosges federation of the Communist Party immediately after put in battle order to announce our candidate.

For a year now, every week has been the occasion for a field initiative. During the summer, in parallel with the national caravan of happy days, a caravan of Vosges crossed the department to meet Vosgiennes and Vosges, but also tourists. A reception that already foreshadowed that Fabien Roussel could be the surprise of this election.

We also saw comrades, whom we had not seen for a long time, come back and retrieve the letters, because they were waiting for a communist candidacy. At last she was there, after 2 absentee elections! This enthusiasm made them happy and they volunteered to distribute leaflets and lead the campaign in their villages and towns. An important reinforcement in an aging department.

We are doing a field campaign; classmates don’t count their time. Every day, they are door to door, in the markets, in collages of posters. There is a real campaign dynamic for the presidential election, galvanized by the interventions and meetings of our candidate Fabien Roussel. We must maintain this great enthusiasm for the legislative campaign, because we can strengthen the PCF. I want proof of this this week: a 17-year-old high school student has been knocking on the door of the federation to join and lead the campaign in his high school and village.

When Fabien arrived in Strasbourg in February, we managed to gather 500 people in just one week, including more than fifty Vosges in half a week. One more proof that this candidacy is a breath of fresh air in this period disturbed by the signs of identity and racism. Vosges comrades and supporters present all leftists with leaflets and posters to cover their place of living.

In the Vosges, for example, the rest of the political parties are weakened and some even non-existent. We are the only ones today to make and call for protest initiatives and militants. On March 17 only the PCF was with the employees in the Vosges procession. It is important in the period to show our solidarity with the world of work.

We also want to show that the Communist Party is a party that counts, because it wants to unite and mobilize around a revolutionary and unprecedented program. We have decided to continue to address the forces of the left, unions and associations to propose something innovative, built by and with the social, cultural and humanist movement.

It is in this sense that we have produced various campaign initiatives, in particular opening the federation to training sessions / debates on communist ideas. Collective listening to Fabien Roussel’s meetings has been proposed. On March 27, some sixty comrades and supporters shared the meal of the happy days, on the occasion of a press conference with the communist candidates in the legislative elections.

There was also excitement in the afternoon when the Toulouse meeting was broadcast on a giant screen. All in an environment that favors morale and that makes you even more eager to lead the communist candidacy and to concentrate even higher in this final stretch.

The Communists of the Vosges, true to the tradition of the Communist Party, keep their fists raised and their hands outstretched to build happy days in the Vosges as a whole country.

Sandra Blaise

department secretary, CEN member

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