The Lost City and 9 other Sandra Bullock action movies, rated IMDb

Sandra Bullock is back with another hit film The lost city, which combines it with Channing Tatum. A romantic action comedy, where he sees novelist Loretta and model Alan treasure hunts as they are chased by the evil Abigail Fairfax. While both critics and audiences appreciate Bullock’s latest effort, it is far from his first adventure in the action genre.

According to IMDb, the actress has starred in a variety of action movies, ranging from those with elements of science fiction, comedy, thriller and robbery. And, the best way to assess which of Bullock’s films should be seen first is through IMDb scores that are the result of thousands of fan voters around the world.

ten Speed ​​2: Cruise Control (1997) – 3.9 – Broadcast on HBO Max

The aftermath of resounding success Speed, Sandra Bullock reprized her role as Annie, this time in a relationship with Alex (Jason Patric). The premise is largely similar, with only Annie and Alex on a hijacked cruise trying to save themselves from colliding with an oil tanker.

Speed ​​2 has the same director, Jan de Bont, and Bullock in the lead role, but fails to capture any of the emotions of the original. The main problem is that this is a recycled scheme applied to an adventure at sea which is simply not the type of backdrop that can create a lot of quality action.

9 Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (2005) – 5.1 – Broadcast on HBO Max

Many fans will argue in favor of the idea that Gracie Hart is Sandra Bullock’s most iconic character. The filmmakers wanted to take advantage of their popularity Miss kindness 2, although it was released with very varied results. He sees Gracie teaming up with Sam (Regina King) as the couple tries to infiltrate another beauty pageant.

The sequel was criticized by critics as unnecessary, while fans were relatively more lenient with their views. Overall, viewers appreciate Bullock’s commitment to the role and continued charm as Gracie Hart, but it’s also hard to be in favor of the bland action that combines so much with the slap comedy.

8 The Net (1995) – 5.9 – Broadcast on Netflix

This action thriller is about Angela Bennet, a computer programmer who receives a mysterious record. After all her co-workers start being eliminated, Angela has to fight for her life and discover the conspiracy behind the contents of the record. Internet it has enough mystery to keep the public interested, but the action is relatively lacking.

The film is largely based on the thriller aspect of things, with Angela having to flee to survive and fight by catching her pursuers by surprise. Like other efforts of the actress, Sandra Bullock is seen as nice in the role, but the lack of intensity continues. Internet for being too memorable.

7 Miss Congeniality (2000) – 6.3 – Broadcast on HBO Max

Widely regarded as Sandra Bullock’s most brilliant romantic comedy, Miss Coexistence it brings a great balance between action, romance and fun material. Here, Gracie Hart is an FBI agent tasked with stopping a terrorist plot in a beauty pageant, with Gracie defeating the bad guys as she competes for the prize.

The action aspect of the film mostly carries humorous nuances, but this is the right one for the course given the premises of the film. Gracie is an identifiable and very likeable protagonist that fans appreciate for supporting her skills on the track and her ignorance of romance.

6 Ocean’s 8 (2018) – 6.3 – HBO Max

There should be no expectation of seeing fight scenes here, because Ocean 8 it is firmly anchored in an intellectual courtyard. While it may not be the best robbery movie of all time, the story of eight women planning a sophisticated robbery at the Met Gala offers some memorable moments.

Sandra Bullock takes on the lead role of Debbie Ocean, the sister of the protagonist of the original series Danny, as she assembles a team to emulate her brother’s success. It is a cover that brings several twists to the mix to keep viewers guessing ahead of the ingenious robbery.

5 The Heat (2013) – 6.6 – Transmission to Tube

Sandra Bullock has returned to the action genre with her friends after a considerable break The heat, who saw her team up with Melissa McCarthy. The story is about an FBI agent and a police detective who must shoot down an unknown gangster in Boston as they confront their surprisingly different personalities.

Although there is nothing revolutionary about it The heat, is still a very entertaining action comedy. Bullock’s FBI agent is a perfect role for McCarthy’s detective, with the film behind the actors’ backs to entertain viewers.

4 Demolition Man (1993) – 6.7 – Transmission to Hulu

A sci-fi action, the wrecker is about John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone), a cryogenically frozen police officer in 1996 and awakened in 2032 to bring down crime lord Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes). Spartan is paired with Lieutenant Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock) as they face the reign of terror in Phoenix.

Sandra Bullock wasn’t a list when the wrecker it premiered but ended up winning over the audience for its tenacious and charming character. It relies heavily on action troops, however the wrecker offers quality explosive entertainment that is as good today as it was when it was launched.

3 The Lost City (2022) – 6.7 – Will be available to play on Paramount +

Sandra Bullock did a home run with The lost city, who joined his major action films. Starring Channing Tatum, the film delights in the main couple’s chemistry as they traverse the jungle to save their lives. Full of hilarious dialogue and action sequences, it’s a good return for the genre among the mainstream audience.

There are minor issues with The lost city, like its predictable nature, but fans know what’s in store before watching the movie. The main attraction remains the star value of Sandra Bullock, which is reinforced by the presence of Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt.

2 Speed ​​(1994) – 7.3 – Broadcast to HBO Max

Many thought that this action movie of the 90’s deserved a sequel before it was so slandered. Speed ​​2but the value of the original has never diminished. Speed sees Officer Jack (Keanu Reeves) and Passenger Annie (Sandra Bullock) try to maneuver a bus full of explosives through the city while authorities try to find the culprit.

The film is credited with making Sandra Bullock a true profitable superstar, as her character provides an identifiable energy when the viewer becomes a hero. SpeedThe hectic emotions and intense sequences of chase are still maintained to make this a film with great potential for review.

1 Gravity (2013) – 7.7 – Broadcast on HBO Max

A mix of science fiction, action and thriller, Gravity is an amazing story about Ryan Stone of Bullock, who is stranded in space and must find his way back to Earth. The actress deserves all the credit she had for making this a story so compelling, with Ryan going through a hellish experience to somehow survive.

Gravity It also stands out for the cinematography shown, with stunning visuals that put viewers at the heart of the action. It is also a film of a thoughtful person about how Ryan’s adventure brings him to an agreement with the tragedies of his past and Gravity it successfully captures the human will to live.

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