That’s why your cat often goes crazy

We don’t know what’s going on in the cats’ heads. So sometimes it happens to our favorite skin ball to go completely crazy. He attacks your feet when you walk or for nothing, the same with your hands when you are just typing; or start running all over the house. There are many explanations for these few energy leaps. Answers in this article.

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It is usually quiet when sleeping all day or looking out the window, your cat sometimes starts jumping for no apparent reason. It only takes a few minutes for your cat to regain his calm demeanor. If you recognize your cat’s strange behavior, the following will probably tell you how to remedy his mood swings.

First of all, don’t be scared. This behavior, strange as it may be, is perfectly normal in our little cats. Experts call it “the quarter-hour madness” or “zoomies.” It is usually at the end of the day that this “madness” occurs. And there is a very simple explanation for this: energy.

In fact, during the day, in your absence, the cats are alone, without their owners. And what do cats do during this time? They sleep. But it is also true that even in your presence, your cat sleeps all day. On average 12 to 16 hours a day. What a life!

The end of the day is therefore also the awakening of these small predators. They release the energy accumulated during the day due to lack of activity during this period.

A predatory instinct that is released during the day

As veterinarians rightly point out, cats are predators. This activity requires a lot of energy: running, jumping, being alert … That’s why cats usually spend much of the day sleeping. Your body needs to recover from this energy strain.

However, today our cats no longer need to hunt. Their meals – croquettes or pâtés – are served by us and the cats have no more effort to make. So where does this accumulated energy go during the day that is no longer spent on predatory activities? In your house. Curtains, table, furniture, vase, stairs … Nothing stops your cat’s thirst for energy.

This behavior is especially noticeable in young cats and in those who are often alone or in confined spaces.

Activities and toys to relax your cat

Credit: Kapa65 / Pixabay

You see, your cat needs to channel its energy into an activity. There are means to this end. Take time once a day for it to come off. This can be especially effective with toys (balls, cat fishing rods, light and shadows). He will enjoy this activity and strengthen your bond with him.

If you don’t want your cat waiting for your return, you can also put together some toys and activities around the house. For example, it is recommended to hang toys on the wrists of the doors. This will keep you busy for a while. Then, if you can and if you have the means, you can install a cat tree or a scraper. For the first one, your cat will be able to jump, climb and observe without any problems.

Now you know why your cat is acting weird, so try not to scold him if he drops things, as it is part of his hunting instinct. Plus, he won’t understand why you’re scolding him for an instinct that’s natural to him.

Finally, if this behavior is quite strange for your cat who starts acting like this overnight, it may be due to some factors: stress, the arrival of a new animal in the home, a removal or allergies, skin diseases or hyperthyroidism. Feel free to consult your veterinarian if any unheard of behaviors occur.

But in most cases, he is just a little hunter looking to undo his energy for the day.

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