Magnanville: poisoning, lead shots … who blames the cats on the rue du Lauzier?

At least nine complaints have been filed against the cat poisoner in Magnanville, Yvelines. (© Renaud Vilafranca)

A mysterious cat poisoner has been raging in a quiet urbanization of Magnanville for almost two years. There would have been at least twelve cases. All of these animals died, except one that did not survive. Several complaints have been filed. One suspect, questioned by police, was acquitted.

The first case dates from June 2020

The cases are concentrated in or near the rue du Lauzier. There is a count in the neighborhood, probably not exhaustive because “the owners do not necessarily make the connection.” The first poisoning dates back to June 2020. The beginning of a long series of cats found “inert”, “convulsions”, or even “disoriented”, saved. in extremis.

Socks, an adorable black-and-white “gutter” female, would be the penultimate to pay the price. It was Thursday, March 24, 2022, says Amandine (name change *), his mistress, not reassured for the future: “He was unconscious on the street. I quickly took her to the veterinary clinic. He was given a drip and only came out of a coma on Saturday morning. The animal returns from afar, “a little more frightened than before” but out of the woods. The next day, chaos: another cat in the neighborhood narrowly escaped death, under the same conditions.

For Socks, the veterinarian’s certificate is clear: “All of these symptoms are due to intentional poisoning. “What’s the matter?” Poisoned last Thursday and Friday, so many cases in such a short time, in the same geographical area, leave no doubt about the criminal nature of the act. “

Suspicious wheat grains in the stool

The feces of the socks contained grains of wheat. “Cats are suspicious,” said the specialist. The poison must have been mixed with an appetizing food. »

According to our information, in recent days, another veterinary clinic in the area has examined two other cats on rue du Lauzier who are suffering from the same ailments.

A lead stuck to the leg

The trace of the voluntary act is reinforced by an even more disturbing fact that occurred in June 2020. A feline in the urbanization had been the target of a shotgun. The projectile, attached to his leg, had caused him serious damage, which has required a transplant and the placement of a prosthesis.

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According to the count of local residents and another source, the malicious individual hit four times in June 2020, three times in December 2021, once in June 2021 (this cat is also one of the victims of December 2021 ) and four times in March 2022. On December 25, 2021, Christmas Day, a family in the neighborhood was saddened to lose their pet, poisoned like the others.

For the past two years, complaints have been piling up at the Mantes-la-Jolie police station. There are nine, others are due in the coming days. Following the lead affair, the owner of the animal in question had left a note in the neighborhood mailboxes. He then came in contact with a neighbor who did not hide his aversion to cats, complaining mostly of feces. Heard by the police after this discussion, he denied any involvement in these facts. Justice did not prosecute him.

Don’t you let your cat out? “Impossible!”

What solution for neighbors? Don’t you let your cat out? “Impossible,” Mathilde change *), about fifty years old, who was found dying in his garden on June 24, 2020. I struggled, he’s all excited, meowing and peeing everywhere. »Remove trapped bait? He has already tried, unsuccessfully. Amandine also thinks that the author puts the poison in her garden, out of sight. “If that person doesn’t want the cats to come into their house, they just have to put boards on the bars,” he annoys.

This story recalls the poisoning of a dog, which occurred on March 12 in Épône. The animal died suddenly after eating in the middle of the street, pieces of meat sprinkled with a white product. The baits are being analyzed and a complaint must be filed.

* Our interlocutors requested anonymity for fear of reprisals.

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