Zestworld, the platform that wants to compete with Substack, presents its launch line

At a time of a new era turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 (and beyond) and its repercussions in all cultural sectors, the world of comics is experiencing a profound upheaval in its digital offering. For a few months now, the platform Subpile In fact, it has taken on a number of important industry names (James Tynion IV, Donny Cates, Jeff Lemire, Jonathan Hickman, Tom King, Elsa Carter, Noelle Stevensonetc …) to produce their new titles in property of the creator through its subscription newsletter system. An initiative that was to lead to similar projects. Thus, we learned in November 2021 of the launch of Zestworlda platform dedicated to property of the creator which works the same way as Subpile ; now we know the alignment launch of this new publishing platform.

New golden age for the creator?

A little reminder in the preamble: the platform Zestworld is led by Chris Giliberti, a follower of new technologies and past Spotify or Prime Video. The goal of Zestworld it is, therefore, to offer a certain freedom to the creative teams that will work on it, and the press release for the launch of the platform does not hide the fact that we also want to make comics that call for other variations – adaptations, obviously, but we also notice. in the text much less sexy terms like NFT and metavers. There is always this Zestworld can announce its launch thanks to a very significant fundraising, amounting to $ 9.73 million, led primarily by general catalystand with the participation of important technological personalities like Kevin Linthe founder of Twitch.

But what will interest us here is the nature of the creative teams and the titles announced for this release. We can also count on important and well-known names in the American comic book industry, such as Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Eric Canete, Peter J. Tomasi, Phil Jimenez o Alex Segura will be present, among others. Subscription terms follow more or less the same way of working as in Substack: it is possible to follow the creators with a free subscription, but in order to access the comics themselves, you will have to pay $ 7 a month or $ 249 per year, knowing that there are many bonuses (backstage, YouTube Lives, etc.) in the program for these payment levels.

Six titles were submitted for the release of Zestworldand we send them to you with each of the following covers:

  • Arch of Athenswith Eric Canete in writing and drawing. A title that mixes social media and superheroes, as we are interested in the team Arch of Athens, superheroes, each of whose members is the result of the aspirations and desires of their audience, by online voting. Problem is, by being acclaimed by this audience, these superheroes do everything for the show and have little moderation (and all this will end badly, we feel a vibration in The boys to the project description elsewhere).
  • The Awakened per Alex Segura i Miquel Moreci in writing, Dean Kotz in the drawing i Jason Wordie to the colors; also there, an exploration of the superheroic record but from a police investigation angle, with the resolution of a murder as the central point of the plot.
  • Blood tree of Peter J. Tomasi, Maxim Simi? (design), Joan Kalisz (Colours) i Rob Leigh (letter). This is a thriller that follows two New York City police investigators in search of a ferocious killer who calls himself theAngel Killer, the latter aimed at members of influential families to “purify” society. Lovely!
  • Boom Pow! of Amanda Conner i Jimmy Palmiotti, something crazy a priori given its summary: an immortal is taken out of his eternal dream by the “daughter” of a nuclear physicist: understand that it is a nuclear warhead, look at the cover. taking the nicknames of botí pow pow i Kay Boom respectively, they decide to treat the world in their own way.
  • Foundanother title written by Palmiottiwith juan santacruz in the drawing and Alex Sinclair to the colors. A volcano on a desert island erupts and expels an alien object that could change the face of the world. The event is broadcast live by a family of scientists who attended, and a race against time is organized by all governments that want to get their hands on this technology.
  • other worlds of Phil Jimenez (writing and drawing), which is a comic reimagining of the science fiction series Otherworld, which aired in 1985 on CBS. The story of a family who, after visiting a pyramid, find themselves on another planet where the inhabitants, led by a dictator, are not the most welcoming. What then declines the comic in a new television adaptation?

A touch of superheroes (hopefully because the record is so ingrained in American culture), a thriller, an adaptation of a television series: in short, a program that shows that the property of the creator knows how to give in different registers. We ask to see if Zestworld will manage to capitalize attention (and subscriptions) as Subpile they did, but their fundraising should at least get started without too much trouble. The platform site is already accessible at this link, and the Palmiotti will also give access to two more creations in property of the creator, Trigger Girl 6 (co – author of justin griswith Phil Noto in the drawing, and published by Image comics in 2013) as well as rage (a graphic novel funded by Kickstarter earlier this year, with Scott Hampton in the drawing). At the moment, none of the announced projects have been started. Patience!


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