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March 28, 2022 at 3:20 p.m.

High school students have until midnight on Tuesday evening to submit their wishes to Parcoursup, the post-high school admissions platform. Subsequently, the enrollment phase for the start of the 2022 academic year will end. You will then have a few days, until April 7, to complete certain data related precisely to the applications made, your profile or your training. . Created in 2018 to replace the APB, this system is one of the topics of the presidential election when it comes to education. Many candidates have positioned themselves on a reform, or even a repeal, of Parcoursup. We summarize the positions of others here.

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“I won’t replace it with anything”

On the left, the desire to remove Parcoursup is a great success. Everyone writes it in their own terms. Thus, in its program, Jean-Luc Melenchon (La France insoumise) says he wants to “disassemble” the post-baccalaureate admission system i “Guarantee all high school graduates unselected access to the training of their choice.” Parcoursup – which is in “ignominy” according to the words spoken by the candidate at the beginning of March in Lyon-, “I won’t replace it with anything. Because it’s good that our young people can go to university after high school. And if there are places left, we have to create them,” he said. said Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Friday at the M6.

For its part, the socialist Anne Hidalgo the complaint with a distressing system that works according to a logic of widespread competition with non-transparent criteria “ and demands its removal. “Places will be created to reduce the pressure on the most requested training. Access to higher education institutions must comply with transparent, fair and humane rules, previously validated by the supervisory authorities. write the candidate in your program. Same commitment with the communist Fabien Roussel Who it will guarantee a place in a chosen course in higher education ”.Philippe Poutou, the NPA candidate, is also in favor of his removal.

The ecologist Yannick Jadot states that, if elected, Parcoursup will be elected “Replaced by a transparent system, which takes into account the priorities of choice of students and does not introduce inequalities in treatment in relation to the social environment of the student.” He also adds: “No baccalaureate will be left without enrollment in any of the desired courses at the beginning of the course. “.

“Algorithms must be made public”

Valerie Pécresse (The Republicans) is a supporter of a “Parcoursup reform with full transparency of selection criteria”. At France Inter this Monday, the right-wing candidate is committed to making the system “transparent in requiring the publication of criteria (also known as local algorithms)”. “Universities need to clarify their requirements,” she clarified.

Eric Zemmour (Reconquest!) You want that too “the selection algorithms » be made public. “We must restrict selection to purely academic criteria and prohibit positive discrimination. It is also necessary to eliminate the sections on “citizen recruitment” that are not relevant and to harmonize the notes ”. replied the far-right candidate to France Inter. If he mentions high school reform in his program, Marine Le Pen (National Rally) has not positioned himself in the Parcoursup system.

Guest of the M6 ​​on March 23 Emmanuel Macron recognized that Parcoursup was a “stress factory” considering that the situation was “better than five years ago” with the previous system. The President-elect said he wanted us “can give more information” about the different training courses for students and parents, and proposes it “Since high school, there are several hours a week where we help with the guidance of young people and families.”

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What about high school?

Another issue: Emmanuel Macron’s high school and high school reforms. Exit the S, L, and ES series. From now on, high school students follow a common core, as well as three specialties first, then two in terminal, among the 13 offered. Compulsory subjects are assessed in continuous assessment (40% of the baccalaureate grade), specialties in final tests (which have, with French, philosophy and the great oral, for 60%). Although, due to the Covid, the examination has not yet been conducted according to the deadlines initially planned.

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Also at this point, presidential candidates are making proposals. The outgoing, although at the initiative of this reform, also: Emmanuel Macron he wants to put math back in common. “We need to train young people who are increasingly moving towards the coding and digital professions. Having math in the core until the end is useful, so they have to put it back together. ” indicated the LREM candidate for M6 on March 23rd.

  • Nicolas Dupont-Aignan“Baccalaureate must once again be the quintessential Republican education exam. Written tests will find their rightful place, with an adequate dose of oral exams. »
  • Joan LassalleWe need to get back to high school reform (known as “Blanquer”). The baccalaureate will be reinstated as a national diploma. »
  • Marine Le Pen“Blanquer’s high school reform will be repealed. This exam, which is the first higher education diploma, will regain its status as a national final exam, its level will be raised and its rules will be removed from all demagoguery. (…) The old general series will be restored with mathematics for everyone. »
  • Jean-Luc MelenchonRestore the national high school diploma, repeal the high school counter-reforms. »
  • Valerie Pécresse“Instead of another reform, we intend to improve the current system in a pragmatic way: to maintain the principle of freedom of choice of specialties, in order to maintain what the reform goes in the direction of older students autonomy; to reinforce the orientation in charge in the Region, from secondary; reintroduce the basic teaching of mathematics into the common core. »
  • Fabien Roussel“High school and high school reforms will be repealed. The baccalaureate, a national diploma, will again be based on national tests common to all students. »
  • Eric Zemmour” It is necessary restore the scientific, economic and social as well as literary sectors before the 2018 reform.

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