What results after three weeks behind the wheel?

Estelle and Ivan, the two ambassadors of Automobile Propre, left three weeks behind the wheel of the new plug-in hybrid Peugeot 308 in its 225 hp version. Were they convinced by the car and its technologies? They us give your verdicts!

After three weeks of testing, it is now the end of the day for the two Clean Automobile ambassadors who have just returned the keys to their Peugeot 308 Plug-in Hybrid. ” Not without a little heartache “Estelle tells us she really admits to be” fell in love of this new Peugeot that he drove daily to the Paris region to go to work.

The same goes for Ivan, a liberal nurse from the Lower Rhine, who also emphasizes the “exceptional” side of an experience like this: It’s an amazing opportunity to have been able to test such a car for so long. Mostly because it was my work tool, as I did all my patient rounds with it. “.

We went to meet our two ambassadors to follow their day to day behind the wheel of the new plug-in hybrid Peugeot 308. Here with Ivan in Alsace

A very high end 308

After three weeks of testing, Estelle and Ivan are unanimous: “racing and spectacular” lines at the same time, “stunning” interior design with a “very futuristic” 3D-effect i-Cockpit®. “Luxurious” finishes, comfort of “Careful suspension,” amazing “handling” with a small steering wheel that gives a “kart behavior”: the 308 meets all the requirements of a compact sedan “resolutely premium”.

This plug-in hybrid Peugeot 308 combines a 180-hp 1.6-liter PureTech with a 110-hp electric motor for a combined 225 hp and 360 Nm of torque. Enough to ensure top-notch driving pleasure! as Ivan sums it up so well. ” With rare exceptions, I drove it mostly in 100% electric mode to complete my 35/40 miles a day. In the city, it is ideal, let yourself be carried away by the silence, the torque of the electric motor (320 Nm alone Ed) is present instantly and allows accelerations as dynamic as linear, smooth. Especially with such a smooth automatic transmission “keep on.

An opinion shared by Estelle: ” Between the absence of noise, the punch of the electric motor, the great comfort of the suspensions and this steering wheel that allows you to weave easily in traffic, you drive without stress, smoothly, having the impression of flying over the road. “Estelle continues.

Like Ivan, however, he regrets that, at each restart, it is necessary to activate the “B” mode (brake) which allows to recover more electrical energy by recharging the battery during the braking and deceleration phases. ” Knowing that I turn on the car about thirty times a day during my rounds is a bit tedious! I wish I could close it once and for all “, Says Ivan.

An ultra versatile hybrid

Given the use they make of their car, which is essentially short journeys with sometimes longer distances to travel on weekends or holidays, our two ambassadors recognize the great versatility of the 308 Plug-in Hybrid.

A battery that offers several tens of kilometers of 100% electric range for driving in urban areas (Peugeot announces up to 60 km in the WLTP cycle, editor’s note), a combustion engine that takes over with total transparency, to make long journeys without planning the route. , without the stress of finding a charging station, the Hybrid Plug-in is truly the best of both worlds even says Estelle, who also hails the economic virtues of the 308 Plug-in Hybrid. “ In the 1,500 kilometers of this test, carried out mainly in the suburbs of Paris, I only consumed an average of 3 liters of gasoline.e “, specify, before adding:” On the rare long trips we made on the highway, the average was 6/7 gallons of unleaded, which is very reasonable for a car like that. “.

The same observation for Ivan. ” During my trip to Paris / Molsheim along approximately 450 km of motorway, I noticed an average consumption of 6.5 liters of unleaded. Then, during those three weeks of traveling around my office, recharging the battery twice a day during breaks, I only consumed electricity. Given the current price of gasoline, it’s just magic! he concludes.

To me, the plug-in hybrid is the best of both worlds!

Estelle, 43 years old, Graphic designer, Chatou (78)

Although at first I had a bit of trouble adjusting to its larger size than my usual vehicle, it was a real pleasure to drive this New 308 into my daily life! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. But also because I was seduced by its interior, as spectacular as it is futuristic with the 3D-effect digital instrument panel that can be customized almost at will. Although, to my taste, there was a bit of superfluous animation on the big touch screen, I navigated its menus with ease. After customizing the switches and accessing my favorite information directly, such as the 360 ​​° camera, which is very valuable for parking with complete confidence, all the information was in front of my eyes.

Aboard this 308, the atmosphere is really very unique. The finish is very clean and the beautiful materials are worthy of high-end German cars. On the other hand, given its size (4.60 m long Ed), I expected its rear seats to be a bit more spacious. Still, I was amazed at the driving ability. This 308 Plug-in Hybrid offers exceptional comfort on the road thanks to its filter suspensions, its grip on the road is absolutely impeccable and its steering is very precise with this small steering wheel. In addition, its hybrid system, which works remarkably well, makes driving very zen. Most of my trips were limited to short trips to urban areas to go to work, I also made the most of the all-electric mode that combines silence, smoothness and dynamism. And since I recharged the battery every day at my workplace and in less than two hours thanks to the 7.4 kW charger, I never found any problems with the range to cover my 30 to 40 miles a day. As for the few times my husband and I went longer distances over the weekend, we didn’t have the stress of running out of electricity since he took over the thermal mode. To me, the plug-in hybrid is the best of both worlds! »

This 308 has an amazing chassis!

Ivan, 47, liberal nurse, Molsheim (67)

I had a really great experience and had a lot of fun driving this new plug-in hybrid Peugeot 308. Because it is a very beautiful car! Like my wife and daughter, I was seduced by her sleek, sporty and atypical line. In addition, this 308 is very popular with passers-by.

On board, with its materials and the most beautiful finish, we believe that Peugeot has done the right thing in terms of quality to strengthen its place in the premium compact sedan segment. It even stands out for its amazing Peugeot i-Cockpit®, which gives it a very technological advantage. The instrumentation with 3D effect, as well as the large 10-inch touch screen with switches and below are simply stunning and immerse you in a futuristic atmosphere.

And what a pleasure to drive! This 308 has an amazing chassis! It turns very flat, holds the road very well and its small steering wheel makes it very sensitive, very maneuverable with, in curves, surgical precision. All this with very good suspension comfort. But I was also impressed by the performance of its hybrid system switching from electric mode to thermal mode almost imperceptibly while guaranteeing a GTi 2.0-worthy acceleration! Above all, having used it mainly in 100% electric mode during these three weeks, the pleasure, smoothness, quietness of operation, as well as the fluidity of the automatic transmission make its driving very zen.

On the other hand, the 60 kilometers of electrical range shown by the instrumentation after recharging the battery to 100% seemed very optimistic. In practice, the actual range was more than about 35/40 kilometers (range depends on driving style, road profile and outside temperature, editor’s note). However, I had no problem uploading. I plugged in the battery twice a day before starting my morning and night rounds. At the public terminal near my house, I recharged 100% in just 2 hours. A very good score for a plug-in hybrid. »

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