[VIDEO] Phil Hellmuth’s call (with Q4o) that broke the Internet

Phil Hellmuth

Friday night through Saturday, Phil Hellmuth paid for his carpet with {q-}{4-} in a $ 25,000 tournament. The worst hand ever played by Poker Brat?

Some will say that “it’s won, it’s well done” and that the WSOP bracelet record took the opportunity to be runner-up in a test won by Erik Seidel. Others will peck at Hellmuth and see the justification for an atrocious level!

On the other hand, the blinds are 30,000 – 60,000 (60,000) and Alex Foxen minimum increase to 125,000 with 3.2 million. Hellmuth 3-bet 350,000 chips with 600,000 behind … with {q-Diamonds}{4-Course}. The former GPI No. 1 all-in … and Hellmuth asked for 540,000 more chips. In betting mode!

Something to surprise PokerGO commentators and then poker enthusiasts on social media.

Will Smith’s hand and Phil Hellmuth’s hand this weekend … Jason Koon, then, tried to justify Hellmuth’s use of white magic. “These are the reasons why the call with Q4o is not as bad as we thought,” Jason Koon explained as he posted 6 technical tweets.

Jason Koon he only did two since he continued with a “I’m kidding” …

“He said he wanted to play for the win … Dude, if you want to play for the win, it’s best to stay home,” he said. Lex Veldhuis.

Kevin Martin has updated its handshake to the 3 bet value call.

Ben “Spraggy” Spragg explains that he will start playing Q4o like everyone else. Skip the 72o!

Great friend of Hellmuth, Jonathan Little he did not dare to camber his friend and it is to settle for a version of “he has won, he is well done.”

In October 2010, Phil Galfond had eHe explained at length that the unconventional style of Hellmuth did not mean that it was good or bad, but that there was probably something to learn from a player that you do not understand.. His new 4-page text on why the call is good is sarcastic on a delicious level …

Other players have pointed out that Phil Helluth is likely to pay if he puts his opponent in AK! More than the call, they explain that it’s probably the 3-bet that’s horrible …

Next to him Jason Calacanis He probably found a good reason to call Philou … Hellmuth announces his game at home and recruits players who he thinks are dealing with the partridge of the year!

“Sometimes I feel rusty and I wonder if I still have an advantage in poker. Reading Twitter today I realize that this is not the day I will feel this way,” he laughed. Justin Bonomo.

Landon Tice “He blessed those who use a rank chart to justify such an orderly way of burning money.”

Even Hellmuth ended up getting into the conversation … with “an official announcement”. Funnily enough, Poker Brat has decided to add Q4o to its list of its top ten hands.

Foxen played the great professional. Poker Face after the bad play (he also finished 3rd anyway, ed.) … but a little less humor on the nets afterwards.

“I had been shutting down my Twitter for a long time (especially after their rather questionable and controversial positions on COVID-19, editor’s note) and logged in to see people defending Q4o and 3-bet / call with 16 blinds without irony “. published with a GIF without leaving doubts about its activity in the networks during the next weeks …

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