The 12 best sentences not to say to Will Smith, your mother is so …

On this first day after Will Smith’s slap we are all in a bit of a shock, but at the same time we have to stop telling this guy anything and everything, he tends to take everything a little badly. So that such incidents do not happen again, we have decided to give you the official list of phrases to never say Will Smith, the ones that make him spin instantly. Let us all be responsible, as soon as we know him, we will take the right steps and only then will we be able to help him.

1. “Nice Jada’s new haircut, she’s fine!”

First point, NEVER throw him on this topic, even if you are serious, he is too sensitive when he talks about his wife’s hair, even good.

What to say instead: Instead, comment on your shoes or talk about the passage of time, calm down.

2. “Have you seen the trailer for the Prince of Bel’Air remake? Sounds pretty good.”

NO. MAY. It’s the show that launched his career, if you even start approaching the remake is a direct slap in the face, even if you plan to criticize the project.

What to say instead: You are so beautiful Will, and so talented, I admire you.

3. “Bad Boys 3 was shit, wasn’t it? You did it for the money?”

We all know he was shit, even the two of them were all rotten, but don’t tell him that directly or he’ll have a very bad time and you’ll get an exaggerated reaction from him (like a slap, it’s not. Very varied in terms of in the reaction).

What to say instead: I can’t wait to see Badboys 4. (Although you obviously don’t want to say a word about it.)

4. “I have tickets for the Chris Rock show, do you want to come?”

Are you really saying this on purpose? It is seen that there is tension between the two actors, it is not worth adding to it.

What to say instead: I have tickets for the Roland Magdane show, do you want to come?

5. “What is your zodiac sign Will?”

Be careful, it is very demanding with astrology, do not throw it off the subject for no reason because it calls directly and distributes slaps like cakes in Nazareth.

What to say instead: Which Hogwarts home do you belong to? Did you take the test?

6. “Did you work your right hand for ‘The Williams Method’?”

We’re not going to lie to each other, it was a hell of a slap in the face. There’s reason to wonder if that power doesn’t come from his preparation for the film, but to mention that is to expose himself to a show, and it’s not great.

What to say instead: So how do you like tennis? Do you know Yannick Noah?

7. “Who is your favorite in Koh-Lanta this year?”

But it’s not unfortunate, her favorite was Stephanie and she was eliminated in week five, so don’t reopen those wounds that barely heal. The will must be saved.

What to say instead: What’s your favorite Top Chef event? (It’s the restaurant war, he’s a big fan of decorating and cooking, so never miss this episode).

8. Somehow hinting at his rap career

If you try to say it right or wrong, he will finally respond by slapping you. He is no longer the most open guy in the dialogue and he tends to fix it by giving him the face, but there you also revive him in his failed rapper career, he deserved it.

What to say instead: Tell him about the movies Men in Blackbut be careful not to tell him about the last one, he doesn’t play with it and you know how he reacts when he’s upset.

9. “Your Wife Was Awesome in Matrix 4. An Awesome Movie.”

There the problem is that he will understand that you are lying and he will give you a thumbs up. No one liked this horror, even the actors seemed less convinced than they interpreted that my grandmother when she agreed to pay for the product of a telemarketer just to get rid of it.

What to say instead: No kidding, your wife’s latest movie there, Matrix 4, was really crap.

10. “Did you cry when the ‘I Am Legend’ dog died?”

He obviously cried, he even wanted to be one of the actors who adopted an animal during a shoot so much that he loved that dog. But if you turn the knife on the wound like that, you will really get into misery.

What to say instead: Hey, yesterday I ran into a cat on the road. (He hates cats, not very nice, but what do you want him to be on the dog team.)

11. Would you like a beer?

Straight slap. Well, it’s true that he usually leaves without a reason, because in this particular case you didn’t say anything very serious to him. But why do you want to talk to him so much? It just exists by your side.

What to say instead: Nothing. Try to stay still and breathe calmly, he will calm down.

12. Honestly, isn’t your child a little stupid?

So for once this should not be used in general, not just with Will Smith. You can’t say that. It is thought, but it is not said.

What to say instead: Say that your child is very nice. Really, very nice.

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